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Primary Industries and Regions SA’s (PIRSA) Fisheries and Aquaculture division enables the sustainable development of South Australia’s aquatic resources and the balanced growth of our fisheries and aquaculture industries. PIRSA manages South Australia's fish stocks in partnership with industry and the community.

South Australia’s clean marine waters are home to some of the most sought after, premium seafood in the world.

PIRSA’s Fisheries and Aquaculture develops and implements:

  • policy
  • regulatory frameworks

to maximise the social and economic benefits and ensure the long-term sustainability of the state’s aquatic resources.

Learn more about PIRSA’s work with the fisheries and aquaculture:

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Latest news

  • Murray cod fingerlings being released

    Fishers invited to Murray Cod community forum

    A community forum is being held to provide fishers with details on a State Government funded project investigating building up stocks of Murray Cod in the South Australian section of the River Murray.
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  • Detection of illegal sale of Southern Bluefin Tuna

    PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture wish to remind the community of the importance of ensuring that any local seafood caught recreationally must not be sold or purchased.
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  • Cuttlefish

    Extension of northern Spencer Gulf cuttlefish closure

    The temporary closure to all fishing for Cuttlefish in northern Spencer Gulf has been extended until 15 February 2016 as part of the State Government’s management of the iconic species.
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  • Moored fishing boats

    Temporary Snapper closures end in SA waters

    Snapper fishers across the State can prepare to venture out this weekend, as the Snapper spawning spatial closures come to an end at midday on Saturday.
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  • Bright future for recreational fishing in SA

    A new plan has been developed to ensure the sustainable growth of recreational fishing in South Australia.
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  • Moored fishing boats

    Temporary commercial crab closure for metropolitan waters

    The commercial blue swimmer crab fishery along the Adelaide coastline and on the eastern side of the Yorke Peninsula will be temporarily closed to give recreational fishers greater opportunities to catch the popular shellfish.
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  • Murray Cod catch and release season begins

    Fishers are asked to familiarise themselves with correct procedures for handling Murray Cod, as the catch and release season gets set to re-open.

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  • Information on hand for summer holiday fishers

    As rods, lures and hooks are dusted off for some holiday fishing, recreational anglers are reminded about the various information sources available to help them make the most of South Australia's rewarding fishing opportunities.
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  • A smart way to remember your recreational fishing limits

    As the October long weekend approaches, PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is reminding recreational fishers to keep abreast of the fishing rules, regulations and closures.
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  • Prawns on a plate

    Go local when buying Christmas seafood

    South Australians are encouraged to support SA producers this festive season by choosing locally-sourced seafood.
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