Reporting chemical misuse

Recording chemical misuse information helps understand the problem and informs policy and guidelines.

All information is confidential.

Chemical misuse includes:

  • chemical residue violations
  • spray drift to other crops, native vegetation, waterways and populated areas
  • off-target poisoning of animals
  • contamination of native vegetation or waterways.

Information required

Call us and we will take a brief report by phone.

You will then need to provide, where possible, the details in writing and include:

  • your name and contact details
  • date, time, location of the incident.
  • name of the product used and its effects
  • name of the person or company using or applying the chemical
  • how the chemical was applied e.g. boom sprayer, plane
  • weather conditions at the time e.g. wind conditions, temperature, humidity
  • names of any witnesses and their contact details
  • supporting evidence such as photos or videos
  • effects, symptoms or damage caused by the incident.

We will assess the complaint and investigate if necessary.

Our response

Depending on the information obtained and the outcome of our investigations we will do one or more of the following.

Take no action

  • The report was unconfirmed or trivial.
  • The user has followed appropriate instructions as per label and regulations.
  • It was a minor incident.
  • Where evidence cannot be found to support an offence.

Communicate and educate

  • Assist with communication between neighbours.
  • Meet with chemical applicators and provide education.
  • Use local chemical liaison committees.
  • Meet with professional or industry associations.

Refer the incident to another agency or conduct a joint investigation

  • Environment Protection Authority for environmental incidents.
  • Health for incidents involving licensed contractors.
  • SafeWork SA for transport and on-farm storage.

Take regulatory measures

  • Send advisory or warning letter.
  • Issue a compliance order.
  • Prosecute.

Compensation claims

We do not carry out investigations to assist compensation claims for damage.

Compensation claims for damages caused by chemical misuse must be made through civil action.

Related information

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Hotline

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1300 799 684
Page last reviewed: 09 Nov 2023


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