Crop and pasture reports

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) publishes regular reports on the condition of crops and pastures in South Australia. The report provides the estimates of the area and the production for each crop and district during the cropping season.

Crop estimates are based on information provided to PIRSA and are updated throughout the season as conditions change and further information becomes available. They are intended to provide an indication of crop potential at the time the report is prepared.

Latest report

South Australian Crop and Pasture Report: 2023–24 Seeding Intentions (PDF 1.1 MB)

Summary of latest report

  • The Bureau of Meteorology has issued an El Nino watch for the coming season. This outlook is matched by the forecast low to very low chance of exceeding median rainfall during the winter months for the South Australian agricultural area.
  • With no substantial change predicted to the crop mix for 2023–24 season, there continues to be a gradual reduction in barley area sown, which is mainly being replaced by wheat. There is also a slight increase expected in lentil area across the state as more growers explore this crop as a rotation option.
  • Hay production areas are expected to increase slightly compared to last season.
  • Seeding in most regions began in mid-late April following modest rainfall events. Despite concerns relating to the seasonal rainfall outlook and drying soil moisture conditions in many districts, seeding has continued into early May.
  • As seeding is completed and crops begin to emerge, the grain production for 2023–24 is estimated to be 8.8 million tonnes, based on the assumption of yield being close to the 10-year average.

Crop and pasture report dashboard

The PIRSA crop and pasture report dashboard displays crop area and production data. It provides a simple source of crop statistical information.

South Australian crop area, production and yield are searchable by:

  • reporting district
  • crop type
  • season.

The data dates from the 1999–2000 season, up to and including the current season.

Crop reporting districts map

Crop estimates for a season are based on the districts defined in the following map.

Older season reports


South Australian Crop and Pasture Report 2022–23 Final Summary (PDF 1.1 MB)
South Australian Crop and Pasture Report November 2022 (PDF 1.3 MB)


Crop and pasture reports

Crop and pasture summaries


Crop and pasture reports

Crop and pasture summaries

2021 South Australian Sowing Guide (PDF 13.6 MB)


Crop and pasture reports

Crop and pasture summaries

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