Crop and pasture reports

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) publishes a report on the condition of crops and pastures in South Australia every second month. The report provides the estimates of the area and the production for each crop and district during the cropping season.

The estimates are quality checked from a number of sources. Occasionally adjustments are made. The table in the current report has the updated estimates which may vary slightly from tables in previous year's reports on this site.

Latest report

Crop and pasture report dashboard

This dashboard displays PIRSA crop and pasture report crop area and production data. It provides a simple source of crop statistical information.

View the crop and pasture report dashboard.

South Australian crop area, production and yield are searchable by:

  • reporting district
  • crop type
  • season.

The data set used to generate this information covers the period from the 1999-2000 season, up to and including the current season.

Summary of latest report

South Australian crop and pasture report November 2022 (PDF 1.3 MB)

  • Crop production estimate for the 2022-23 cropping season is a new State record of 12.1 million tonnes, exceeding the 11.1 million tonnes of the 2016–17 crop.
  • The crop was grown from a near average crop area of 3.9 million ha.
  • The crop farm gate value estimate at $4.4 billion exceeds last season’s record high of $3.3 billion. High global prices of last season continuing into this crop combined with this record production estimate lead to the new record farm gate value.
  • The January flooding causing significant damage to roads, rail infrastructure and farm fences but also filled sub-soil moisture reserves in most districts.
  • Early season challenges included late opening rains in some districts, well below average rains in July where grain crops and pastures survived on the stored soil moisture.
  • Good to excellent condition crops capitalised on the well above average rains started in August continued for spring providing an ideal finish to maximise production.
  • Well above average rains in October into mid-November on ripe crops disrupted and delayed start of harvest operations, and caused quality issues for newly cut hay.
  • Improved harvesting weather from late November allowed grain harvest to proceed at full pace.
  • The harvest is likely to continue into the new year in many districts due to green crops in several districts and the record production estimated.
  • The late spring rains may have caused grain quality issues including discolouration and other quality issues with some grain deliveries downgraded.
  • Livestock are reported in good to excellent condition with plenty of feed available.

Crop reporting districts map

Crop estimates for a season are provided commencing with the Seeding and Crop Establishment Report. Estimates are based on the districts defined in the following map.

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Crop and pasture reports

Crop and pasture summaries

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Crop and pasture reports

Crop and pasture summaries


Crop and pasture reports:

Crop and pasture summaries


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