Private veterinarians can be involved in the programs below.

Accreditation Program for Australian Veterinarians

The Accreditation Program for Australian Veterinarians (APAV) allows private veterinarians to take part in government sponsored programs.

Programs include:

  • Market Assurance Programs (MAP)
  • Australian Veterinary Reserve (AVR)
  • Australian Government Accredited Export Veterinarian (AAVET).

Learn more about the APAV on the Animal Health Australia website.

Private vets and animal disease response

Private veterinarians can be employed by state or territory governments as:

  • temporary or casual employees
  • contractors at nationally agreed remuneration rates

when emergency animal disease responses happen.

Learn more at the federal Department of Agriculture website.

Disease surveillance programs

Subsidies are available for veterinarians who investigate diseases through these programs:

Notifiable diseases

Veterinarians must immediately report the diagnosis or suspicion of any notifiable disease. This is required by the Livestock Act 1997 and Livestock Regulations 2013. Even low suspicions and requests for rule-out testing must be reported.

Phone the 24-hour Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 to report suspected emergency animal disease or contact a veterinary officer.

Learn more about reporting animal diseases.

Ovine Brucellosis-Free Accreditation Program

Approved vets can perform the:

  • sampling
  • clinical examination
  • testing
  • property inspection
for the Ovine Brucellosis-free Accreditation scheme.

The approved vets must submit reports to Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) and notify the Chief Veterinary Officer about breaches of protocol.

To become an approved vet for this program contact:

Karen Greenhalgh
Phone: (08) 8429 0869

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