Animal welfare

Producers must comply with the Animal Welfare Act 1985 and the Animal Welfare Regulations 2012.

It is recommended that producers adopt animal welfare guidelines. High standards of animal welfare help the industry by:

  • keeping the good reputation of South Australia’s livestock industries
  • meeting community expectations.


Animal welfare guidelines for animals in poor condition (DOC 213.0 KB)

Compromised livestock assessment sheet (DOCX 167.2 KB)

Land transport of livestock


  • owners
  • transporters
  • receivers

must comply with the Animal Welfare Regulations 2012 which contain specific requirements about livestock transport.

The regulations specify requirements for:

  • fit-to-load
  • vehicles
  • facilities
  • time off water
  • journey time.

Make sure your livestock fit to load, best practice advice from Meat & Livestock Australia.

See the Livestock Welfare Standards website for more information.

More information

Animal Welfare Standards website.

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