Upgraded version of myPIRSA portal

myPIRSA - your home for PIRSA's online services.

The myPIRSA system has just been upgraded, and now has a fresh new look and improved features. This upgraded version is available for you to use and provide feedback on.

The upgraded version will run alongside the existing myPIRSA portal, and you will be able to access PIRSA’s online services through either system.

How to access the upgraded myPIRSA portal

Go to the new myPIRSA portal.

Provide your feedback

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new portal. You can provide feedback using the link below, or via the link on the myPIRSA portal home page (top right corner).

Provide feedback on the new myPIRSA portal.

Your views will contribute to final system improvements before it officially replaces the existing portal.

Benefits of the upgraded version

The upgraded myPIRSA site features:

  • improved user experience
  • easier access to information
  • access to more digital services
  • improved access via mobile and tablet devices.

Services available to everyone (public access)

Some services within myPIRSA are available to everyone. You can view and access these services without needing to create a myPIRSA account.

Once you have opened myPIRSA, you can locate services by clicking on a relevant topic, or by using the search feature. Once you find the relevant service, select 'launch' to access the information.

Services available with myPIRSA account (authenticated access)

To access authenticated services within myPIRSA, you need to register for a myPIRSA account. Once registered you can also then apply for restricted services.

If you are already registered for myPIRSA, you can use your existing login details to access the upgraded version.

How to register for myPIRSA account

  1. Go to the new myPIRSA portal.
  2. Click on 'register' (top right of screen).
  3. Complete all mandatory fields.
  4. Acknowledge the terms and conditions.
  5. Click on 'Register' to submit the form. A verification email will be sent to your nominated email address.
  6. Go to the email and click the verification link. You will be directed to a verification confirmation web page.
  7. On the verification web page, click the log in button and you will be directed to the myPIRSA login page.

Once you have created a myPIRSA account, authenticated services will be indicated in myPIRSA by a green tick on each service. You can also then apply for restricted services.

How to apply for restricted services

To apply for a restricted service within myPIRSA you need to:

  1. Register for a myPIRSA account as detailed above.
  2. Use these account details to login to new myPIRSA portal.
  3. Then click the 'Apply for this service' button on the service you would like to access.

Approval process for restricted services

Applications for some services are approved automatically. If so, you will receive an email within 30 minutes, and the service will become available for use in myPIRSA (and will display as an 'Approved service' in your account).

For services approved manually, your application will be forwarded to a PIRSA representative for review. During this time, the service you have applied for will appear as 'Pending approval' in myPIRSA. Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email to let you know the outcome.

Help using myPIRSA

See the myPIRSA support page for further assistance and a list of contacts.

Page Last Reviewed: 03 Jul 2020
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