Open government

Government information available online

We publish information regularly requested through the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

The government acknowledges the information it holds is a valuable public resource and is committed to being open and accountable, engaging with the community, and public participation in the making of decisions, policies and laws.

Contact our FOI and Privacy Officer at or (08) 8429 0422 if you are unable to download the documents.

Open Government documents

Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure logs

Contracts and consultants

Capital works projects

Procurement practices

See our management policies for information about our procurement process.

Requesting government information not available online

There are 2 ways you can request government information that is not already available online - see when and how to request information using either:

  1. Administrative release of information
  2. Freedom of Information.


FOI and Privacy Officer
Phone: (08) 8429 0422
Postal address: GPO Box 1671, ADELAIDE SA 5001

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