Australian Pastures Genebank

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) manages the Australian Pastures Genebank (APG).

The APG is Australia’s first national pasture and forage genetic resource centre.

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It will be custodian of more than 70,000 accessions of tropical and temperate pasture and forage genetic resources.

The APG is located at Adelaide’s Waite campus research precinct.

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National mandate

The APG mandate includes all pasture and forage species of actual or potential value to Australian agriculture.

This includes plants intended to be grown for:

  • livestock
  • crop rotation
  • the environment.

Objectives and mission

The APG will conserve, maintain and distribute  plant genetic material in the form of seed and associated data of mandate pasture and forage species.

Mandate pasture and forage species will be:

  • acquired
  • documented
  • conserved
  • maintained
  • distributed.

Benefit sharing

The APG will operate under the framework of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

It will adhere to the rules and standards of its Multilateral System.

Accordingly, seeds and associated data will be provided under a Standard Materials Transfer Agreement in accordance with the APG Seed Distribution Policy (PDF 183.9 KB).

More specifically, the APG will make small quantities of mandated germplasm and related information available for food and agricultural:

  • scientific research
  • plant breeding
  • genetic resource conservation or education.

The APG collection can be searched and seed samples requested through our online collection catalogue.

If you require assistance with the GRIN Global online catalogue or help choosing the right material, please send an email to and provide specific details about your request including what you are seeking and for what purpose, and our team will endeavour to assist accordingly.


To conserve the diversity of Australia’s current and prospective pasture and forage species for use nationally and internationally as the basis for enhanced agricultural productivity and environmental preservation now and forever.


As custodian of Australia’s collection of pasture and forage genetic resources the APG has the following national and international responsibilities:

  • Operate under the framework of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.
  • Establish mandated germplasm collections to meet foreseeable national breeding requirements.
  • Support the introduction, quarantine and biosecurity of mandated germplasm.
  • Establish relationships with scientists working on mandated germplasm to facilitate a coordinated introduction and regeneration program.
  • Keep interested scientists informed of new accessions to the collection.
  • Ensure maximum usefulness of the centre.
  • Manage and administer the mandated germplasm in accordance with international Genebank Standards for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, including ensuring material is duplicated off-site as a safety deposit.
  • Provide online access to publicly available information of mandated germplasm.


The establishment and operation of the APG is supported by:

Additional resources

The AW Howard Memorial Trust aims to promote and support pasture research.

APG contact details

Dr Alan Humphries
Curator, Australian Pastures Genebank
Phone: (+61) 0427 090 959

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SARDI manages the Australian Pastures Genebank at the Plant Research Centre, Waite Campus

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