Industry Scorecards

To track the advances in South Australian primary industries, Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) has developed a series of industry scorecards, which provide value chain measures of annual performance.

The 2017–18 Scorecard includes additional primary industries sectors and associated processing such as forestry, wool, skins, seeds and animal feed.

2018-19 Scorecard

Previous scorecards

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Primary Industries Dashboard

The Primary Industries Dashboard displays PIRSA Primary Industries Scorecard data and has been developed to provide a simple and quickly available source of scorecard data.

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Data are available at three levels:

  1. For all primary industries included in the scorecard
  2. At the broad industry level e.g. livestock
  3. For a specific industry e.g. beef

The dashboard consists of two pages:

  • Page 1: Primary Industries Scorecard
  • Page 2: Food and Wine Supply Chain

The Primary Industries Scorecard 2018-19 is different from the Food and Wine Scorecards that were used until 2016-17 in the following ways:

  • Unlike the previous food and wine scorecards, the Primary Industries Scorecard includes non-food and wine sectors such as wool, hides and skins, hay, seeds, grain feed and forestry.
  • Revenue measures do not account retail and food service sales and is only limited to production and processing levels of the value chain.

The dashboard presents the latest 2018-19 scorecard data and provides summary of the key scorecard statistics including:

  • The revenue generated by a given industry/sector
  • The farm gate production value of an industry/sector
  • The value of international exports for a given industry/sector

Changes on previous year and five year growth trend for these key statistics are also displayed, using data from 2012-13 to2018-19.

Analysis and assistance

For additional data, or assistance with analysis or interpretation, please contact the Economic Analysis and Insights team.


Martin Carter – Senior Economic Adviser, Economic Analysis and Insights
Phone: (08) 8429 0423

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