Snapper management review 2019

South Australia faces a challenge in relation to the future management of Snapper in this state.

The latest scientific information has identified that:

  • snapper stocks are depleted in Spencer Gulf/West Coast and in decline in Gulf St Vincent
  • urgent action must be taken to protect the future of our snapper stocks in South Australia.

As a result we must review the current management arrangements for South Australia's snapper fishery.

Different ways to rebuild snapper stocks

Snapper is an important species that benefits tourism and commercial, recreational, traditional and charter boat fishing in our state. We have designed two different management scenarios to help rebuild snapper stocks to sustainable levels and prevent any further decline.

Before developing the scenarios we consulted with the commercial, charter and recreational sectors about:

  • the current status of snapper stocks
  • possible management measures to protect the stocks now and into the future.

Minutes from these stakeholder meetings are available below:

This consultation was considered during the design of the management scenarios.

Consultation now closed

We invited all people who had an interest in the snapper fishery to give their feedback on the management scenarios. This consultation has now closed.


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