Seeds Online registered users guide

Eligibility and how to register

Go to the Seeds Online page for details

User account security

Your user name and password will be sent to you by email. Keep your username and password in a secure place.

Contact Seed Services Australia if you:

  • have misplaced or can’t remember your user name or password
  • think that password and user name is being misused.

Seed Services Australia will not accept any liability or financial loss if your username and password are misused by a person known or unknown to you.

How to log in

  1. Go to Seeds Online registered access.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Read the ‘Privacy Policy’ and tick the box to say you have read and understood them.
  4. Untick the box next to ‘Please un-tick this box to continue’.
  5. Then click the ‘Login’ button.

How to search

A search will return results that only you are authorised to see.

Contact Seed Services Australia if you:

  • cannot access results that you should be able to see
  • can access results that you shouldn’t be able to see.

Results search and display

Use the results search and display option to view all test results that match your search.

Modify public access to results

Use the ‘modify public access’ to results option to view up to 100 results that match your search.

Search for seed test results

  1. Login to Seeds Online registered access.
  2. Complete all fields (three characters are enough for most fields). All of your test results will be displayed if the fields are not completed.
  3. Click on ‘search’ to submit your request.
  4. Click on the relevant line number to display the test results. Choose the most recent test result if more than one test result is listed.

Move around the search results table

  • Scroll down to locate and view test results.
  • Press [Ctrl] and [Home] to move to the top of the table.
  • Press [Ctrl] and [End] to move to the bottom of the table.

If you can’t find a sample or test result

Make sure that:

  • the sample was sent to Seed Services Australia
  • have authority to view the sample
  • the search information is correct
  • the date when the sample was received for testing was included
  • the received date from field is left blank if you don’t know the date.

How to refine your search

Search for a specific test result

Enter the seed line number or lab number to search for a specific test result.

Display all results for one species

Leave the leave the cultivar name field blank and enter the species common name to display all records for all cultivars of a species.

Date settings

Leave the:

  • ‘to’ date blank to view all your results after the ‘from' date
  • ‘from’ date blank to view all your results before the ‘to’ date
  • ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates blank to view all your results.

How to track the status of test results

The status of all samples sent for testing is shown in the search results.

The status will show one of the following categories:

  • received
  • under test
  • completed
  • not final
  • accepted
  • rejected
  • provisionally rejected
  • preliminary result, certification not final.

Samples ‘under test’ will show the most recent results. Test result information is updated at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm each day.

Samples tested for purity and germination will show one of these categories:

  • no results, purity analysis not completed
  • purity results, due date for germinations
  • purity results, first germination count, due date for final germination.

How to view test result certificates

Select a seed line from the list in the left column to display a certificate.

Analytical results shown on certificates

  • Full purity information, e.g. the percentage of pure seed, inert matter or other seeds.
  • Seed line germination information, e.g. the percentage of normal seedlings, hard seed, fresh ungerminated seeds, abnormal seedlings and dead seed.
  • Information about other seeds found.
  • Description of any inert matter found.
  • General comments about the seed line or test result.

Information displayed for registered users

  • Lab number.
  • Certificate number.
  • Seed processor’s name.
  • Seed grower’s name.
  • Seed grower's registered area number and paddock letter.
  • Weight of the seed line including the number of sacks.
  • Label pre-fix and label numbers used.
  • Sample Status, e.g. received, under test or completed.
  • Certification result, e.g. accepted, rejected, provisionally rejected or preliminary result certification not final.

How to download test results

You can download a data file in CSV format for your seed test results. You can then import the data into a database or a spreadsheet.

  1. Search for the records you want to download.
  2. Enter the date of your last download in the ‘Changed since’ date field to download only new or changed records.
  3. Name the file when prompted.
  4. Save the file on your computer or network.

Email Seed Services Australia for the file specifications.

Public access to test results

Public users can access test results for:

  • completed tests
  • certified seed lines that have passed certification
  • samples given public access by the test owner.

Check if public users have access to your test results by going to Seeds Online public access.

More information about Seeds Online public access

How to grant or remove public access

Public access to test information can be changed by the:

  • person who sent the sample for commercial samples
  • seed owner or seed grower for certified samples.
  1. Select ‘Modify public access to search results’ on the registered user menu.
  2. Tick or untick the ‘Public access’ box.
  3. Select the ‘Save public access change’ button located at the bottom of the summary results table.
  4. Check Seeds Online public access to make sure that public users have the correct access to the test results.

Public access default settings

Public access is set by default to:

  • Yes - certified accepted
  • No - certified rejected
  • No - certified provisionally rejected
  • No - preliminary result, certification not final
  • No - commercial tests
  • No - incomplete tests.


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