Seeds Online public users guide


Anyone can access Seeds Online via the public user portal.

Public users must know the line number and cultivar name to access test results.

What you can access

Public users can access test results for:

  • completed tests
  • certified seed lines that have passed certification
  • samples given public access by the test owner.

How to search for seed test results

  1. Go to Seeds Online public access.
  2. Enter the seed line or seed lot number.
  3. Enter the cultivar name (the first 3 letters of the cultivar name is enough).
  4. Select ‘search’ to submit your request.
  5. Select the line number to display the test results.
  6. Choose the most recent test result if more than one test result is listed.
  7. Select the ‘Previous screen’ button to return to the public search screen.

If no seed test results are found it may be because the:

  • seed sample was not tested by Seed Services Australia
  • test has not been completed
  • seed line has failed final certification standards
  • seed sample owner has not given public access
  • information used in the search was incorrect.

How to view test result certificates

Select a seed line from the list to display a certificate.

Analytical results shown on certificates

  • Full purity information, e.g. the percentage of pure seed, inert matter or other seeds.
  • Seed line germination information, e.g. the percentage of normal seedlings, hard seed, fresh ungerminated seeds, abnormal seedlings and dead seed.
  • Information about other seeds found.
  • Description of any inert matter found.
  • General comments about the seed line or test result.

General information shown on certificates

  • Cultivar name to confirm search entry data.
  • Seed line number to confirm search entry data.
  • Certificate name, e.g. commercial orange or blue international certificates.
  • Common species name that the cultivar belongs to.
  • Class of seed line for certified seeds.
  • Cultivar owner for proprietary or licensed cultivars.
  • Test completion date.


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