Rural Practitioner Enhanced Disease Surveillance

The Rural Practitioner Enhanced Disease Surveillance program is aimed at:

  • providing laboratory data to support proof of animal disease freedom
  • early detection or exclusion of emergency animal disease.

The program contracts private rural practitioners to investigate and collect laboratory samples from animal disease incidents. Collected samples are sent to the State veterinary laboratory, Gribbles VETLAB.

Subsidies towards laboratory fees and/or veterinary time may be available depending on the investigation.

Veterinarians must follow program guidelines, correct procedures and documentation to be eligible for subsidies.

Level 1 subsidy - usually $250-$500

Covers the cost of laboratory fees for herd or flock problems when:

  • an infectious disease is suspected
  • an exotic disease or unusual syndrome is not suspected.

Level 2 subsidy

Covers the cost of:

  • laborotory fees
  • veterinary fees
  • travel

for an investigation of an unusual incident or possible emergency animal disease.

Level 2 investigations must have prior approval from a Biosecurity SA veterinarian.

The information gained from these investigations is stored and analysed by Biosecurity SA veterinarians to track and monitor disease trends. It is also used for animal and animal product certification.

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