Aquaculture Tenure Allocation Board (ATAB)

ATAB is a statutory board appointed under the Aquaculture Act 2001 (the Act).

The board is made up of 6 independent members appointed by the Governor. At least one person is:

  • a qualified legal practitioner
  • qualified in marine biology or environmental management
  • knowledgeable in farming aquatic animals
  • a woman
  • a man.

ATAB assesses applications for new leases in aquaculture zones, using:

  • the Act
  • aquaculture zone policies
  • ATAB criteria
  • Minister’s assessment guidelines.

ATAB aims for the assessment and allocation process to be fair and transparent. After assessment, the board recommends to the Minister which applicants should get a lease.

ATAB members

  • Glenn Davis: Presiding member
  • David Hall
  • Jane Zadow
  • Kate Shierlaw
  • Alexander Thamm
  • Catherine Sayer

The Aquaculture Act 2001

The Aquaculture Act 2001 (the Act) provides the legal and regulatory framework for the aquaculture industry in South Australia. This includes granting leases and licences to occupy state waters.

The Act aims to:

  • promote ecologically sustainable development of marine and inland aquaculture
  • maximise benefits from the state’s aquaculture resources to the community
  • make sure there’s efficient and effective regulation of the aquaculture industry.

Zone policies

Policies can be written to achieve the aims of the Act.

Aquaculture zone policies may:

  • exist to make sure the industry is ecologically sustainable now and in the future
  • include the establishment of aquaculture zones, aquaculture exclusion zones and areas that may only be made available for lease applications through a public call
  • recognise the aquaculture industry as a legitimate user of the state‘s marine resources
  • provide guidance, clarity and a streamlined process for current and future members of the aquaculture industry to access these resources.

Aquaculture leases

The Act allows for four types of leases:

  • Pilot
  • Production
  • Research
  • Emergency.

Under the Act, the Minister for PIRSA, or their delegate, needs to grant a lease for an aquaculture area before an aquaculture licence may granted.

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