Veterinary medicine use in aquaculture

Veterinary medicines ensure animal welfare and maximise the quality and yield of primary produce. Veterinary medicine use must be controlled so consumers and the environment are not put at risk.

Using registered veterinary medicines

Aquaculture licence holders must try to use veterinary medicines that are registered under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 (Agvet Code) of South Australia through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Use the Public Chemical Registration Information System (PUBCRIS) database to determine whether a veterinary medicine is registered.

Medicines that have been prescribed by a veterinarian and are not registered with the APVMA may be considered for off-label use. Regulation 10 of the Aquaculture Regulations 2005 provides for emergency and experimental treatment to support APVMA permit applications under veterinarian prescription.

Approval to use off-label veterinary medicines

Submit the Application for Aquaculture Chemical Use or PDF version (PDF 80.9 KB) if you are an aquaculture licence holder and intend to use an off-label veterinary medicine.

A minimum of 5 working days is required to assess applications. Veterinary medicine use applications that are considered an emergency will be assessed as quickly as possible.

Page Last Reviewed: 25 Aug 2017
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