Molecular diagnostics

The SARDI Molecular Diagnostics Centre (MDC) has unique expertise and infrastructure to develop and deliver quantitative DNA based tests for a broad range of soil and airborne organisms of economic importance to agriculture.

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Researchers can submit samples for testing by requesting Research sample kits. Bar codes are produced for each sample that are linked to the researcher and the tests selected to be performed on the samples. Results are reported in excel files.

Researchers submitting samples in batches of 60 to 84 can request any combination of. See all tests available for samples in batches of >60 (DOCX 2.0 MB)

For low numbers of research samples select from the most appropriate test panel below:

Other combinations of tests may be run frequently, contact Russell Burns for details.


Dr Alan McKay
Phone: (08) 8429 2216 

Russell Burns
Phone: (08) 8429 2238
Mobile: 0401 122 115

General enquiries: (08) 8303 9585 or (08) 8303 9668.

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