PREDICTA® Research

PREDICTA® Research is a DNA-based soil testing service that quantifies the amount of soil-borne pathogen DNA or plant root DNA present in a sample.

The pathogen DNA service is intended for examining treatment and variety effects between experimental plots. Quantification of root DNA can be used to determine root architecture in the field.

Submitting research samples

Step 1: Determine the number of soil samples and DNA tests that you require

If you submit 60 samples or more you can select any combination of tests. Your results will be available in 2–3 weeks.

If you submit less than 60 samples the most cost-effective and time efficient approach is to select a test panel. Test panels are groups of tests routinely run in our lab.

If you submit a small number of samples and request tests we do not routinely perform you may need to wait several weeks/months for your results.

The test panels with the fastest turn-around time are:

Other panels available but performed less frequently are:

The following test groups are for testing plant root samples (not soil samples):

If the test panels above do not meet your requirements, you can customise your own selection of tests:

If you submit customised tests of samples in batches of 60 to 84 the results will be available in 2–3 weeks.

If you submit less than 60 samples, the results will depend on a number of factors; please contact us for details. The results for less than 60 samples of customised tests can be fast-tracked for a fee.

You can combine tests to quantify root DNA with the pathogen tests described above. Please contact us for turn-around times.

Step 2: Contact us

Call Russell Burns on 0401 122 115 or email with your requirements. Russell will establish a contract and send you barcode stickers and PREDICTA® Research soil bags.

Step 3: Send your samples

Send your samples in the PREDICTA® Research soil bags with barcodes attached. We will only accept samples submitted in barcoded PREDICTA® Research soil bags.

Costs and turn-around times

Test panelCost Time for results
Crop Research $80 2 weeks
Crop Research North $80 2 weeks
Potato Research $80 2 weeks
Hort Veg $100 4–5 weeks
Pulse Research $100 4–5 weeks
Cereal Root Disease $80 4–5 weeks
Customised selection     $25 for first test plus $5
 per additional test
fewer than 60 samples: variable
60–84 samples: 2–3 weeks

These costs apply for samples submitted from Australia only. Additional costs apply for overseas samples.


The barcode associates a sample with your name and the DNA tests you requested in our MDC laboratory database. We report the results with the barcode only. Samples are not associated with any additional information. Please do not write additional information on sample bags.

We recommend that when you receive the barcode you create your own database. Enter the barcode details into a spreadsheet (barcodes are numbered sequentially) and associate the barcode with any additional information required.

Once we issue a barcode the DNA tests associated with it cannot be changed.

If you need to change the DNA tests requested, please let us know. We will send you new barcodes free of charge.

If you have a new batch of samples with different DNA test requirements, do not use spare barcodes. Please contact us to discuss your new requirements and request appropriate barcodes.

Sampling experimental plots

It is important you follow the correct sampling strategy to ensure you obtain accurate and reliable PREDICTA® Research results. Please download the recommended sampling strategy for your region:

Root tissue and stubble samples

Root tissue and stubble samples can be submitted for PREDICTA® Research testing. These samples are processed differently to soil samples:

  • tell us the sample type when you request PREDICTA® Research bags
  • store samples in cool conditions (i.e. an esky without ice)
  • submit samples as soon as possible after collection (overnight courier preferred).

To optimise the DNA extraction procedure, root and stubble samples are supplemented with a given amount of sand. Results are reported per gram of sample; please note the sample is a combination of root plus sand. The dry weight of root/stubble is recorded in the note field enabling the conversion of results to per gram of root/stubble.

Submit samples

SARDI Molecular Diagnostics Group
Plant Research Centre
2B Hartley Grove
Urrbrae SA 5064


Results are reported as raw data values. To convert these values into the disease risk or population density categories used for the PREDICTA B® commercial service, follow the recommendations below:


List of publications (PDF 662.5 KB) that utilised the PREDICTA Research service.


For PREDICTA® Research bags and barcodes:

Russell Burns
Mobile: 0401 122 115

To discuss available tests and interpretation of results:

Alan McKay
Phone: (08) 8429 2216

Danièle Giblot-Ducray
Phone: (08) 8429 2229

PREDICTA® is a registered trademark of Bayer Crop Science.

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