Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) protects South Australia’s aquatic environment from:

  • aquatic pests
  • aquatic diseases.

Aquatic pests

Aquatic pests threaten South Australian:

  • native species
  • environment
  • tourism seafood industry
  • seafood industry
  • aquaculture industry.

PIRSA manages threats from aquatic pests by:

  • Monitoring for the entry and spread of new pest species.
  • Responding to sightings of pest species before they establish.
  • Supporting control programs that minimise the impact of pests that can’t be eradicated.

How you can help

Early detection and monitoring by the community can identify new pests before they can establish in South Australia. Many successful pest eradication and control programs are the result of community members reporting new pest species.

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Aquatic diseases

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) protects the aquaculture industry from aquatic diseases with:

  • border controls
  • disease monitoring programs
  • disease outbreak preparation.

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