Livestock Tech Talks - podcast and video series

The livestock 'Tech Talk' series explores South Australia’s Red Meat and Wool sector. We chat with livestock producers, technology providers and more about how they can work with producers to strengthen their business to grow more prosperous regions.

The series showcases success stories from the ground, and how they’ve benefited from changing their farm’s business model with the adoption of technology, infrastructure or best practice.

In this podcast and video series you can learn about:

  • enhancing farming capability through the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program
  • saving time and money with remote water monitoring
  • digital technologies for different rural environments
  • cattle and sheep yard design
  • benefits of adopting electronic identification for sheep and cattle.

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Tech Talk episodes

Episode 2: Learning from Carwoola: Digital Technologies for different rural environments

Recommended for: Producers, Agribusiness participants, Agriculture technology providers.

In this episode, we talk with Darren Price from Price Rural Management and former General Manager of Carwoola Pastoral Company. Darren has been involved with the Meat & Livestock Australia Digital Farm at Carwoola, NSW where over 200 digital devices have been deployed to compare different technology products. Darren discusses:

  • what livestock technologies have been implemented on Carwoola
  • the results of his economic investigation into implementing these different technologies in a commercial livestock enterprise
  • which products best suit which rural environments.



Episode 1: Saving time and money with remote water monitoring

Recommended for: Producers

Every producer wants to save on fundamental farm resources such as labour, water and travel. In this episode, we talk with Mike Hayes from In2It Information Technologies who has been installing remote water monitoring systems, an economically savvy tool which does just that, across South Australia for many years.

Mike explains how the use of a range of different technologies help to increase communication coverage and save producers much needed time and money.

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These talks are part of the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program, an initiative of Primary Industries and Regions SA and supported by Meat & Livestock Australia, SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds, and SheepConnect SA.

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