Red meat and wool growth program

The South Australian Government has committed $7.5 million over three years towards an industry and government partnership to grow the red meat and wool industries.

The Red Meat and Wool Growth Program will contribute to improved productivity, profitability and enhanced market access, through strategic skill development and the installation of infrastructure and adoption of tools to increase the use of technology and data based decision making across the value chain.

Why red meat and wool?

South Australia’s red meat and wool industries:

  • support 30,000 jobs
  • generate $2.4 billion in annual revenue (production and processing)
  • export $1.5 billion in goods annually.

The red meat and wool industries account for almost 10 percent of SA’s total merchandise exports; 68 per cent of red meat and 98 per cent of wool product is sold into international markets. Export forecasts for red meat present great opportunity to grow, together with a strong global demand for wool.

The South Australian red meat and wool industries have experienced significant stock number declines in recent years through drought, bushfire, and wild dog and fox predation. This has impacted the consistency of supply of product to processors.

Increased global demand for high quality red meat and wool, heightened international standards, and greater consumer traceability expectations also present challenges for the red meat and wool industries.

The industries need support to:

  • increase the number and quality of sheep and cattle available
  • improve producers’ ability to maintain and enhance market access, particularly for export and premium markets
  • boost return on assets managed.

About the program

Funded by the state government, the Program will focus on achieving the targets set out in the South Australian sheep and beef industry blueprints .

The Program  will partner with industry to :

  • rebuild the SA sheep flock and beef herd
  • develop capacity building and farm management best practices
  • increase data based decision making
  • facilitate the uptake of agricultural technology (AgTech) by livestock producers, saleyards and processors
  • strengthen the culture of biosecurity.

The three pillars

The Red Meat and Wool Growth Program is focussed on three priority/pillar areas:

Livestock Enterprise Planning

A Panel of Providers will be established to deliver a Livestock Enterprise Planning (LEP) program to producers. Find out more about the program and how to apply.

More information


Emily Mellor - Program Manager
Phone: (08) 8429 0360

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