Prepare for a bushfire

In preparing for a bushfire you should consider:

  • an emergency plan
  • an emergency kit
  • animals
  • house
  • crops and orchards
  • employees
  • farm inventory.

The CFS has resources on how to prepare for a bushfire including preparing an emergency plan and emergency kit.

Property preparation

There are many things you can do around your property to reduce bushfire risk, such as:

  • establishing fire access tracks and firebreaks
  • managing harvest, stubble, haystacks and equipment
  • prescribed burning.

See’s website for more information on how to prepare your farm.

Agriculture Victoria has information on how to prepare your vineyard for a fire.

Animal preparation

PIRSA developed the Managing Animals in Emergencies framework (PDF 2.2 MB). It provides guidance on the key issues to consider when planning for animals in emergencies. It also covers animal owner responsibilities, and the help and services available.

Before bushfire season:

  • Practice your animal emergency plan as part of your personal emergency survival plan.
  • Discuss your plan with neighbours, friends and family.
  • Insure your animals.
  • Make sure all animals can be readily identified.
  • Put together an animal emergency kit that can be easily relocated with your animal if necessary.

The RSPCA also has information on how to prepare to keep pets safe during emergencies.

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