Moving sheep and goats within South Australia

Moving sheep and goats between properties

All sheep and goats moving between properties with a different Property Identification Code (PIC) must have a National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) device and be accompanied by:

  1. Either of the following:
  2. A National Sheep Health Statement - required for sheep only.

NLIS tagging requirements do not apply to rangeland goats that are going direct to slaughter within 6 weeks of capture.

Moving sheep to a saleyard

Individual saleyards accept livestock consignments with varying flock disease status.

Before moving livestock to a saleyard producers must:

NLIS database

The NLIS database must be notified when 1 or more sheep and goats are moved to a property with a different PIC for any purpose including:

  • sale
  • agistment
  • show
  • loan.

The database must be updated by the owner of the animals at the destination property.

The NLIS database does not need to be updated by the owner of the animals when sheep and goats are:

  • moved to a property with the same PIC
  • sold or purchased through a saleyard or public auction conducted at any location
  • sent to a feedlot or abattoir
  • sent to an export depot
  • taken to a show and returned home again.

People buying sheep or goats from saleyards must provide the saleyard operator with the PIC of the destination property.

Producers should check that the saleyard, abattoir, feedlot, export depot or show operator has correctly transferred sheep on the NLIS database.


For help with the NLIS requirements:

  • Phone the Biosecurity SA NLIS helpline: 1800 654 688.
  • Phone the NLIS Database Helpdesk: 1800 654 743.
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