The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) supports and helps grow the aquaculture industry through:

  • policy, legislation, and regulation
  • leasing and licensing
  • aquatic animal health
  • advising industry associations
  • increasing trade and investment
  • scientific research and innovation.

Policy, legislation and regulation

We develop policy, legislation, and regulation to make effective use of South Australia’s limited and valuable aquaculture sector.

Learn more about the policy, legislation, and regulations used by the aquaculture industry.

Leasing and licencing

We manage the leasing of water resources and licencing of aquaculture activity of the South Australian aquaculture industry. Lease and licence requirements aim to promote ecologically sustainable development of the aquaculture industry in South Australia.

Lease and licence holders must make sure they are meeting the high standards set by PIRSA to:

  • utilise state waters
  • minimise the impact on the environment
  • report on their production returns.

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Aquatic animal health

We support aquatic animal health through:

  • planning and responding to disease emergencies
  • biosecurity disease surveillance
  • meeting South Australia’s national and international disease reporting requirements
  • managing disease risks from animal movement
  • educating people about aquatic animal health risks.

Learn more about aquatic animal health.

Advising industry associations

We give advice to aquaculture industry associations on government regulations. This helps the industry to maintain compliance with regulations and protect the reputation of South Australia’s sustainable aquaculture products.

Trade and investment

PIRSA increases trade and investment by:

  • organising trade delegations
  • linking investors to industry contacts
  • giving information on aquaculture production.

We work with the Australian and South Australian Governments to organise inbound and outbound trade delegations. Inbound trade delegations come from foreign governments and industries to investigate buying South Australia aquaculture products. Outbound trade delegations include South Australian industry and government representatives travelling overseas to sell South Australia aquaculture products.

PIRSA helps to link potential investors to industry contacts. The close relationship PIRSA has with the aquaculture industry allows us to help encourage investment.

Investment opportunities

Scientific research and innovation

PIRSA’s South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) supports research projects that contribute to best practice and sustainable farming for the aquaculture industry.

Learn more about aquatic scientific research and innovation.

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