Horticulture Industries in SA

South Australia’s horticulture industries have played an important role in healthy development of the state’s population. The export of horticultural produce to other states and across the world has been important for wealth generation and development of major regions of the state.

This horticulture section of the History of Agriculture website is arranged on a crop by crop industry basis. Horticulture comprises more than 30 fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops or industries.  Focus has been on assembling information about the major crop industries.

Each crop section contains information about the main factors influencing growth and development of the particular industry. Emphasis is on the role of the Department of Agriculture and how it has contributed to growth of the individual industries.

Overview article about development of SA’s horticulture industries.

Further information on facilities that have played a key role in assisting development of horticulture in particular regions including Berri and Loxton is contained in Department of Agriculture as an Organisation – Locations.

1890s Articles on Development of South Australia’s Horticulture Industries

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