1890s articles on development of South Australia’s Horticulture Industries

During the 1890s, the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia ran a series of lectures and published a number of papers to foster greater development of horticulture industries in South Australia. The following collection of these papers provides interesting historical information about SA’s horticulture industries at that time.

Horticulture Principally With Irrigation (PDF 4.8 MB)
Documents an illustrated address given by Victorian Horticulture Lecturer Mr J. West at the Jubilee International Exhibition Buildings in April 1891. This comprehensive paper discusses the potential for development of irrigated horticulture along the River Murray before this development occurred. Mr West’s lecture draws considerably on his travels observing irrigated agriculture in the United States, and discussed some of the social implications associated with development of irrigated agriculture. It features dried fruit and apple and pear exports as major industry opportunities for development of irrigated horticulture along the River Murray.

Farm and Orchard Pests (PDF 2.8 MB)
Details a lecture provided to the SA Agricultural Bureau by the Rev E.H. Thompson in March 1892.

Important notice from the German Australian Potash Salt Export Agency (PDF 821.2 KB)
Deals with artificial fertilizers in 1890.

Spraying for Fungus and Insect Pests (PDF 2.3 MB)
Written by Mr W.C. Grasby and Mr W.F. Snow was published by the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia in 1892. It contains information and experience obtained by the Angaston Experiment Committee at that time.

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