A Working Bibliography



A Note – Bibliography – Theses – History (including Biography) – Viticulture – Further on Soil Conservation – Conference Papers – Other Government Publications – Periodicals and Reports – Archives – Illustrations and maps – Additional Notes


1.   Although this listing is mainly of published material, Heritage Branch regional survey reports and conservation studies would be highly useful material for historical research, as would property maps and plans of various periods held in the State Library.

2.   SA Parliamentary Debates and Papers were not searched for specific information but are a basis for any research. For example, reports of the Minister of Agriculture (and his/her successors), including Roseworthy Agricultural College annual reports, and the Parliamentary Committee on Land Settlement reports (produced annually from 1946).

3.   Legislation – for example the Waste Lands Act 1857 that set out the conditions for sale of Crown Land, and the Crown Lands Consolidation Act 1877 (concerning miscellaneous leases for grazing and cultivation), and the Crown Lands Development Act 1943 and the War Service Land Settlement Agreement Act 1945 under which War Service Perpetual leases were allocated.

4.   The History Trust of SA annual conference papers, as well as a range of South Australian Historical Society publications (for instance, its journal), The Torrens Valley Historical Journal and ANZAAS conference papers might also fruitfully be searched.

5.    Publications, papers or annual reports of other bodies (e.g. the Australian Oil Seeds Federation, the Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences [Adelaide University] and the Plant Industry Division, Agronomy Branch, SA Department of Agriculture) could be researched.

6.    Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry and evidence

Zalums, E. (comp.), Bibliography of South Australian Royal Commissions, Select Committees of Parliament and Boards of Inquiry, 1857–1970 is an excellent finding aid.

Hagger, J. (comp.), Consolidated Index to the Checklists of Royal Commissions Select Committees of Parliament and Boards of Inquiry held in the Commonwealth of Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria 1856–1960, La Trobe University Library Publication No. 19, Bundoora, La Trobe University Library, 1980 lists 22 entries under ‘Agriculture, South Australia’. Other possible headings include Department of Agriculture.

A focused exploration of parliamentary papers and inquiries should be made. For example, the customs and excise tariffs minutes of evidence in SAPP58:1871 (the Royal Commission on Manufactures of Metals. Agricultural Machinery and Implements) are highly relevant. P. Donovan (In the Interest of the Country) noted the Report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Council on the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Bill, 1989 (p.222) and the 1981 report on ‘The administration, management and tenure of South Australia’s pastoral lands: a report to the interdepartmental working group appointed to inquire into the Pastoral Act and the Dog Fence Act’, (p.225).

7.  In 2003 the Department of History, Adelaide University offered an Honours topic on ‘A history of the Australian Farm Management Society (AFMS) and its contribution to farm management in Australia’. (The AFMS, active from the early 1970s, developed from the Farm Management Section of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science, and wound up in 1997: see <http//www.roseworthy.adelaide.edu.au/~icooper/fmscsa/index.htm>. Several key members of the AFMS were South Australian, and some still live here: Mr Glenn Ronan (PIRSA and past national president of the AFMS) is one.



Below is a sampling of certain topics that come under the more general subject of South Australian agriculture (including agricultural education). Theses completed in History and Geography at Flinders University still need to be considered in detail (for example, some Honours are listed below but MA and PhD theses [such as Ellis, Julie-Ann, ‘Public land and the public mind: origins of public land policy in South Australia, 1834–1929’, Flinders University of SA, 1995] are still to be searched for). There may also be relevant material held by the University of South Australia (especially for its predecessor, the SA College of Advanced Education) and by interstate universities.

Argent, Neil, Global finance/local crisis: the role of financial deregulation in the geographical restructuring of Australian farming and farm credit. The case of Kangaroo Island, 1997. PhD, Department of Geography, University of Adelaide, 1998?. Barr Smith Library.

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Carter, Edward D. Preliminary investigations on onion weed, (Asphodelus fistulosus, L). B.Ag.Sci. (Hons), University of Adelaide, Department of Agronomy?, 1950. http://web4.library.adelaide.edu.au/theses/09AB/09abc323.pdf Joint Store (URRSA) TT4684.

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University of Adelaide – Architecture and Planning thesis

Gayler, Dianne Louise, ‘A review of planning and development control legislation in South Australia’.
Subject(s): City planning and redevelopment law--South Australia. Regional planning--Law and legislation--South Australia.
Notes: MURP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1980
Location: BM Call Number: 09URP.M G287 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41180

Green, Michael Kenneth, ‘A rural planning strategy in relation to metropolitan Adelaide’
Notes: MURP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1980
Location: BM Call Number: 09URP.M G797 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41178

Harley, David George, ‘Planning for communities in remote locations (with particular reference to mining communities in Australia)’
Subject(s): Cities and towns--Planning--Australia. Mining districts--Australia.
MURP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1975
Location: BJ Call Number: PP6091 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41174

Herzberg, Susie Elizabeth, ‘Planning for second homes with particular reference to rural properties in the Mt. Lofty Ranges’
Subject(s): Second homes--South Australia--Mt. Lofty Ranges.
MURP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1979
Location: BJ Call Number: PP6105 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41066

Hodgson, John David, ‘Towards a re-organization of regional planning in South Australia’
Subject(s): Regional planning--South Australia.
MURP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1977
Location: BJ Call Number: PP6106 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41152

Lawson, Neil William, ‘The concept of performance standards and their application to development control in South Australia’
Subject(s): Land use, Urban--Planning. Land use, Urban--Environmental aspects. Performance standards.
MTP thesis, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide, 1979
Location: BJI Call Number: P4431 Copy 2
Location: BJI Call Number: PP41095

Buttrose, Stroma, ‘The future of the Adelaide hills: the concept of the Hills Face Zone, an examination of its beginning, application of statutory planning provisions, public reaction, its continuance or disappearance’.
Subject(s): Land subdivision–Mt Lofty Ranges–SA Cities and towns–Planning–Mt Lofty Ranges–SA
MTP thesis, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, University of Adelaide, 1972.
Linked Items: Title page, contents and summary only.
Location: BJ Call Number: MM5230 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: MM48639

Daunt, Sybella Ginette, ‘A review of legislation for planning in South Australia’.
Subject(s): City planning and redevelopment law--South Australia.
MTP thesis, Department of Architecture and Planning, University of Adelaide, 1977.
Linked Items: Title page, contents and summary only.
Location: BJ Call Number: P4439 Copy 2; BJI Call Number: PP41729

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Flinders University Library

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Location: Call Number: f 333.70994 H939e

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Allan Callaghan

Callaghan, Allan R. (Allan Robert), Sir, 1903–93. Papers, [manuscript] 1923–1974 1.89 m.
SUMMARY: The papers contain Allan Callaghan’s thesis entitled: Studies on the Oat Plant submitted for Ph.D. Oxford 1928, and a small amount of correspondence concerning his Rhodes Scholarship Award in 1924, his appointment to Roseworthy College in 1932, and as Director of Agriculture S.A. in 1949. However the bulk of the collection dates from 1959 until 1974 and contains official and personal correspondence, notes, reports, speeches, articles photographs and press cuttings from his terms as Commercial Counsellor in Washington (1959–1965) and Chairman of the Australian Wheat Board (1965–1971). Also included are ‘The Wheat industry and stabilization report’ (1972) and ‘The review of Department of Agriculture, S.A.’ (1973).
NOTES: Manuscript reference no.: NLA MS 4850.
BIOG NOTE: Principal, Roseworthy Agricultural College, SA 1932–1949, Director of Agriculture, SA 1949–1959, Commercial Counsellor, Washington, 1959–1965, Chairman, Australian Wheat Board, 1965–1971.
INDEXED IN: Guide to collections of manuscripts relating to Australia: D659.

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Callaghan, Sir Allan R., A Review of the Department of Agriculture in the light of changed and changing needs: report, Adelaide: [The Department?], 1973. SA Parliamentary Paper 99/1974. Government Printer, [Adelaide], 1974.
Location: WM Call Number: 630.99423 C156

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Callaghan, Sir Allan R., From sickle and scythe to silicon chip: the Roseworthy Agricultural College centenary oration, [Roseworthy: Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1983]. Cover title: Roseworthy Agricultural College centenary oration, Thursday, May 26, 1983, the Elder Hall, University of Adelaide. Includes bibliographical references.
Location: BSR Call Number: 630.711942 C156f
Location: RS Call Number: 630.711942 C156f

Callaghan, Allan R., Impressions of some rural enterprises in South Africa. Department of Agriculture of South Australia Bulletin no. 342. Department of Agriculture, Adelaide, 1939 Reprinted from Journal of Agriculture, November 1938.
Location: WMJ Call Number: 63(06) S72b.3 342

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Callaghan, Allan R., Future outlook for wheat production: presidential address, 18 ?June/?July 1967, Victorian Branch Australian Agricultural Economics Society.

Callaghan, Allan R., The wheat industry and stabilization: a report, Canberra, Department of Primary Industry, 1973.
Location: BM Call Number: 338.1731 C156w
Location: RM Call Number: 338.17311 9
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Callaghan, Allan R., Wheat classification and grading. Department of Agriculture Adelaide, 1956
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Callaghan, Allan R. & Breakwell, E.J., Crops and pastures. Rural training notes. Lectures prepared by A.R. Callaghan and E.J. Breakwell, Melbourne, Ministry of Post-War Reconstruction, 1946.
Location: WM Call Number: 633.2 C156

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Occasional Paper Series

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Australian Science Archives Project (see the Bright Sparcs website)

Published by Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne using the Web Academic Resource Publisher. <http://www.austehc.unimelb.edu.au/smv/smv.html>

Guide to Records (includes Contents, Series List, Provenance, Photo Gallery and Index)

EXAMPLE: James Hamlyn Willis
Listed by Rachel Tropea with Andrea Barnes and Fay Anderson. James Hamlyn Willis is one of Australia’s most renowned and beloved botanists and authors. He was taxonomic botanist at the National Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, from 1937 to the end of his career in 1972.
Inventory Listing by Series
Series 1 – Committee Papers
Series 2 – Correspondence to Individuals
Series 3 – Willis Correspondence
Series 4 – Biographical Information on Australian Botanists
Series 5 – Notes for Talks Presented by Willis
Series 6 – Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums
Series 7 – Notes and Manuscripts for Publications
Series 8 – Journals
Series 9 – Reprints of Papers by James Hamlyn Willis
Series 10 – Newspaper Cuttings
Series 11 – Collecting Trips and Excursions
Series 12 – Reserves Files
Series 13 – Field Notes, Notebooks and Nature Diaries
Series 14 – Travel
Series 15 – A. J. Tadgell
Series 16 – Publications by Other Authors
Series 17 – Photographs
Series 18 – Flora and Plant Lists, Locality Lists
Series 19 – A.C. Beaglehole Correspondence and Plant Survey Data
Series 20 – Cassette Recordings of Talks and Lectures by Willis
Series 21 – Natural History Specimens
Series 22 – William Henry Nicholls
Series 23 – Numbered Slide Collection
Series 24 – Keys to Numbered Slide Collection
Series 25 – Lecture and Talk Slides
Series 26 – Maps, Plans and Posters
Series 27 – Glass Slides
Series 28 – Botanical Artworks, Prints and Reproductions
Series 29 – Memorabilia, Awards, Autobiographical Material and Posthumous Papers
Series 30 – Miscellaneous Correspondence and Subject Files  

These records are managed by the Library, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. All queries relating to access should be made to librarian.

Technology in Australia 1788–1988

The online edition of this bicentenary study by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering of the men, women and organisations involved in the development of technology in Australia.

Australian Science at Work

A register of the many industries, corporations, research institutions, scientific societies and other organisations that have contributed to Australia’s scientific, technological and medical heritage, with references to their archival materials and a bibliography of their historical published literature.

Bright Sparcs

An online register of more than 4000 people involved in the development of science, technology and medicine in Australia, including references to their archival materials and bibliographic resources.

Guides to Records

Finding aids to archival collections of Australian scientists and scientific organisations as published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne (Austehc) and the Australian Science Archives Project are available.

Austehc, formed on 3 May 1999, continues the academic, research and heritage activities of the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) which was established by Professor R.W. Home in 1985. ASAP was a self-funded autonomous project of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Melbourne. The Centre will encompass ASAP’s original objectives and continue to develop new programs that foster the preservation, promotion and development of the heritage of Australian science, technology and medicine.

Since March 1993 the History of Australian Science Newsletter is published electronically biannually.

Contact details: Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne, 203 Bouverie Street, Carlton Vic., 3053.


Chatterton, Brian and Lynne
Papers 1966–84 principally relating to ministerial portfolios of Brian Chatterton and Lynne Chatterton's position as research assistant to the Premier/Minister, and general papers on rural policy


(South Australiana collection: Personal, business and society records and the J.D. Somerville Oral History Collection).

D6637(T) Notes on the Parndana Research Centre and the Kangaroo Island Soldier Settlement Scheme. 1983.

South Australian Agricultural and Horticultural Society
South Australian Agricultural and Horticultural Society: [report], Adelaide, The Society. Microfilm newspapers, 1855; Periodicals, 1867.
‘Grand General Exhibition’, Adelaide, Published at the Secretary’s Office, 1867. Pamphlet.

D8051 Paper written by C.G.F. Bauer, ‘Angaston as it was in the early Fifties’’, for the Appila Agricultural Bureau.

Diary by Albert West Bristow of Willowie in 1897 records his farming activities and a transcript of his father’s (Abraham) 1881 diary includes his farm work.

Notebook by Samuel McIntosh for 1914–17 added to his record group: a Riverland irrigation pioneer (see ADB supplementary volume)

Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings (1899–1915) about Wirrabara Forest kept by forester F. Melville

BRG 2 G.F. Cleland & Sons Ltd. c. 1870–1940. Records. Series list available. Comprising ledgers, certificates, memoranda, financial records, articles of association, papers on wine production and other agricultural subjects, company history, and papers and photographs of Beaumont Estate.

D5638(L) P.C. Fitzgerald. Notes on exploration and farming in Gawler Ranges, c. 1958–1967.

Horwood Bagshaw Australia, c. 1882–1900, Records.

G.H. Michell & Sons (Aust.) [An archivist was working on the Michell records until recently but it is not known whether Michell will house these records on site or deposit them in the State Library.]

Pastoralists’ Union of South Australia
Rules of the Pastoralists’ Union of South Australia. Adelaide, W.K. Thomas, 1891.
List of members and officers. Adelaide, 1891.
Shearing agreement. Adelaide, J.H. Sherring, 189?

Pastoralists’ Association of South Australia and West Darling. Rules of the Pastoralists’ Association of South Australia and West Darling, Adelaide, W.K. Thomas, 1892.

Pastoralists’ Association of South Australia, Annual Report. [Related to the Stock Owners’ Association of South Australia].

Stock Owners’ Association of South Australia
The State Library has 18 entries, including annual general meetings; annual reports (1916/17–1937), members’ circulars, oil seed production and marketing, the official organ (Digest [1:1 1973–6:5 1979]), Quarterly Circular (?1953–) and rules (as amended to 12.9.1960 – in NLA).
Jubilee Year 1940: a record of fifty years progress, 1890–1940, Adelaide, Stock Owners’ Association of South Australia, 1940.
Stockowners Annual, 1937–1971.
Stockowners Digest: the official organ of the Stock Owners’ Association of South Australia, Adelaide, The Association, 1960–1973.

SRG 206 Records of the Stockowners’ Association of South Australia 1890–1979. Comprises minutes, annual reports, correspondence, financial records, photographs, publications of the Association, press cuttings and other papers. Kimba committee minute book is available on open access microfiche. The organisation was formed in 1890 as the Pastoralists’ Union of South Australia; functioned as the Pastoralists’ Association of South Australia and West Darling (1892–1906); then became the Pastoralists’ Association of South Australia (1907–16) and subsequently the Stockowners’ Association of South Australia. In 1979 the Association merged with the United Farmers’ and Graziers’ Association of South Australia to form the United Farmers’ and Stockowners’ of South Australia. Quantity: 34 m.

SRG 426 United Farmers and Stockowners of South Australia. 1979–1986. Series list available. Records include conference reports, membership, zone files, branch files, protest banners. Typescript; processed typescript; pamphlet.

SRG 207 United Farmers and Graziers of South Australia Incorporated. 1966–1979. Records includes minutes, reports, press releases, zone and branch files.

SRG 764 Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA Inc (Balhannah Branch). Minutes, official documents, general files, receipts and expenditure, roll book, newspaper cutting book, photographs and banner.

The McBean papers are in the State Library [The McBeans settled in SA in the 1830s and on the Murray River Flats in the 19th century].

PRG 260 John Harris Browne, 1817–1904
Papers of Dr John Harris Browne, 1817–1904, pastoralist and medical officer with Sturt's 1844–1845 comprising brief diary notes of an expedition to the Murrumbidgee 1829, South Australian Association circular 1836, journal of Sturt's expedition 1844–45, annotated map of Australian discoveries, notes on vine cultivation and correspondence, including correspondence urging protection of the pincoo or rabbit bandicoot.
20 cm 1829–1903

PRG 881/1–4 Albert Molineux’s private papers

PRG 1386 Records of John (Jack) Hinton Edmonds (1911–1990). His father was an Eyre Peninsula pioneer from 1914 and took up a scrub block at Pygery in 1934.

PRG 1380 Farm records of a property at Langhorne Creek 1920–1945, owned by William Joseph Denny Attorney-General and owner of the property.


Australian Manuscripts Collection, La Trobe Library (examples of holdings)

MS 12453 Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Rural Department [Papers], [manuscript]. c.1965–c.1979.

Contents/Summary: Press cuttings files kept by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Rural Department in the 1970s on a variety of agricultural subjects; also papers of the Victorian Farmwriters’ and Broadcasters’ Society, 1974, including minutes; agricultural calendar, 1972–74; and a list of ‘Rural Contacts’, c.1965.

MS 8927 Records [manuscript] of Madowla Park Station (Vic.). 1883–1904.
Comprises selections from the records of Madowla Park, including the Madowla Park stud book, 1884–1887 (including a few entries for Moira); Murray River height levels, July 1868–July 1887; Madowla Park cash book, 1884–1904; cash book (wages), 1883–1904.


State Library of SA

D5390 (Misc), part 4 Transcript of ‘Personalities Remembered. No. 64. Albert Edward Molineux. Talk by Marie Mune’. Radio 5CL, 22 August 1971, 5 pages. (Molineux’s private papers are held in PRG 881/1–4.)

OH 1 SA SPEAKS (State Library of South Australia Archival Database)
Interviews with 45 men and women who were broadly representative of the population of South Australia as it was in the first three decades of the 20th century. ‘S.A Speaks’ was a Jubilee 150 project conducted by Beth Robertson under the auspices of the History Trust of South Australia for two years and two months ending December 1986.
Title: ‘SA Speaks’: An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930
Quantity: 136 hours 10 minutes
Copy/publish: Copies may be made for research and study. Publication only with written permission from the Mortlock Library
Documentation: Full transcripts available (2521 pages)
Notes: Associated material comprises a collection of 163 photographs lent by interviewees to illustrate their interviews, and colour photographic portraits of eight of the interviewees taken for a display (1987). Additional associated material comprises various handwritten memoirs and newspaper cuttings provided as background information by interviewees (230 pp bound in 2 vols)
Subject: South Australia social life and customs; children South Australia social conditions; child rearing South Australia; home economics South Australia; food; dwellings South Australia; education South Australia; primary schools South Australia; secondary schools South Australia; family South Australia; courtship; marriage; mothers; fathers; parents; oral tradition South Australia; religious life and customs South Australia; transportation South Australia; youth employment South Australia; children employment South Australia; men employment South Australia; women employment South Australia; diseases South Australia; death; World War, 1914–1918; South Australia social aspects

OH 1/7 Interview with William Frederick Cook
William Cook was born in North London in 1911. In 1927 Bill’s father, a goldsmith, brought the family to South Australia in search of better work opportunities. None eventuated for him and he returned home within a year. His wife and youngest son soon followed. Bill Cook, however, embarked upon an eventful three-year initiation of bush life in Australia – from very brief stints on a Mallee farm and Kidman’s Myrtle Springs Station to life on the track in New South Wales en route to the working man’s Mecca, Queensland (never reached), and work in the Mount Burr forest. Bill Cook settled in South Australia, never returned to England and never saw his parents again.
Project: ‘S. A. Speaks’: An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930.
Quantity: 2 hours 50 minutes recorded on 28 August 1985
Documentation: Full transcript available (56 pages)
Subject: Cook, William Frederick, 1911–; British South Australia; return migration Great Britain; agricultural labourers South Australia Flinders Ranges region; forests and forestry South Australia South East region; ranch life South Australia Flinders Ranges region; immigrants South Australia; South Australia emigration and immigration; Myrtle Springs Station (SA); Mount Burr (SA)

OH 1/24 Interview with Heinrich Alfred Klingberg
Heinrich Alfred Klingberg (1898–), one of 11 children, was born to German parents on a wheat farm at Arden Vale, north of Quorn. The Arden Vale School closed in 1910 and after a further nine months at a German school in Emu Downs for his Confirmation studies, Alfred began work. He spent four and a half years on his brother-in-law’s farm at Wyacca before returning home when two older brothers went to war. However, by 1921 it was evident that the farm could not support the three remaining sons and his father settled him on a 30-acre block in Quorn. Alfred became a labourer in the Loco Sheds at the Railway Yards and he married a local girl. Their two children were born in 1923 and 1925. When the Commonwealth Railways took over the Great Northern Line in 1926, Klingberg was placed at the Mile End Loco Yard (he had requested Peterborough) where he specialised as an engine greaser.
Project: ‘S.A. Speaks’: An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930.
Quantity: 2 hours 55 minutes recorded on 11 February 1986
Documentation: Full transcript available (59 pages)
Subject: Klingberg, Heinrich Alfred, 1898–; Webb, William Alfred, 1878–1936; Commonwealth Railways employees; Germans South Australia; farmers South Australia Upper North region; horses South Australia; hunting South Australia; motorcycling South Australia; agricultural labourers South Australia Quorn Region; railroads South Australia Quorn repair shops; railroads South Australia Mile End repair shops; railroads South Australia employees; Arden Vale (SA); Quorn (SA); Hilton (SA); Wyacca (SA).

OH 1/42 Dix, Geoffrey Lancelot, 1909–
Interview with Geoffrey Lancelot Dix [sound recording] Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson.
'S.A. Speaks': An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930.
3 hours 15 minutes recorded on 22 July 1986. Full transcript available (58 pages) 
Copies may be made for research and study. Publication only with written permission from the Mortlock Library.
Geoffry Dix was the fifth of six children of an Ethelton fettler. His mother was the effective head of the household, supplementing the family's income by teaching piano and encouraging the three youngest children's musical development. During Geoffrey's childhood they performed as the Dix Family Band. Geoffrey left school aged thirteen and a half to become an office boy at Howard Smith Ltd. A year and a half later his skull was smashed by a horse shoe thrown up by a passing car. His speech was affected and he did not feel confident enough to return to office work. Instead he took on a succession of labouring and delivery jobs. During the Depression Geoffry walked to Sydney seeking work and in the thirties he built up his own bread rounds. In 1938 he began a 30-year career with the T & G Insurance Co. Mr Dix married in 1932 and had two children.
Subject: Dix, Geoffrey Lancelot, 1909–; Howard Smith Limited (Adelaide, SA) Employees; Barwell Boys; Miners Western Australia; Music teachers South Australia Port Adelaide; Dance orchestras South Australia; Port Adelaide; Traffic accidents South Australia Port Adelaide; Migrant agricultural laborers South Australia Eyre Peninsula; Bakery employees South Australia; Depressions 1929 South Australia; Working class South Australia; Port Adelaide (SA); Ethelton (SA); Jervois Bridge (Port Adelaide, SA)

OH 77 Interview with Leo Michael Gleeson
Recorded January 1990
Subjects include farmers at Carrieton, SA, Balaklava, SA (Lower North).

OH 119 Soldier Settlement, Kangaroo Island.
16 tapes recorded c.1977. Interviewer: Janice Kelly. Some transcriptions: for example, interviewees Bald, Woolley (on the Township of Gosse), Childs, Fahey, Wallis and Habel.

OH 146/14 Interview with A. Mick Olsen 1917– [sound recording]
Project: Oral History of the Australian Fishing Industry: South Australian Interviews
45 minutes recorded on 29 January 1990 by interviewer Jack Darcey. Full transcript available (20 pages). Copies may be made for research and study. Publication only with written permission from the Mortlock Library
The following is taken from the introduction to the interview provided by the interviewer: After a distinguished undergraduate and post-graduate university education and having gained experience in other scientific research endeavours, Mick Olsen joined the Fisheries Division of the CSIRO, Cronulla, New South Wales and was then transferred to Tasmania where he began making contacts with fisherman in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and gaining and understanding of fisheries management in those states. He became Director of Fisheries in South Australia in 1967 and introduced many of the fisheries management policies and techniques that still persist. His contribution to the health of the industry is widely acclaimed. Now retired and living in Adelaide, he retains his interest in the industry and particularly in the biology of species it harvests.
Subjects: Olsen, A.M., 1917–; South Australia. Fisheries, Department of; South Australia. Fisheries and Fauna Conservation, Department of; South Australia. Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of; Fish Inspection; Fishery Law and Legislation; Lobster Fishing; Fishing Boats; Fish and Game Licences; Public Officers South Australia; Marine Resources Conservation

OH 169 Barwell Boys Oral Histories
Interviewer: Tony Evans.
37 tapes (32 hours 30 minutes) recorded between August 1992 and March 1996.
Interviews with men who came to South Australia in their youths under the Boy Farm Apprenticeship Scheme (1922–24) and the Big Brother Movement (1927–28), both of which were promoted by the governments of the day to encourage British boys to emigrate as farm labourers. They became known as Barwell Boys and Little Brothers. The interviews are life stories, of which the interviewees' emigration and apprenticeship experiences are a part. The interviews were conducted by Tony Evans on a voluntary basis after he became interested in the subject through his acquaintance with the first interviewee.
Interview log and partial transcript available for OH 169/1, interview logs and full transcripts available for OH 169/2–/10 (405 pages)
Subject: Barwell Boys; Little Brothers; Migrant agricultural labourers South Australia; British South Australia; Immigrants South Australia; Voyages and travels; Ocean travel; Farmers South Australia; South Australia Emigration and immigration.

OH 326 Perceptions of Lifestyle and Leisure of Rural Women in South Australia, 1940–1960.
62 hours 20 minutes (78 tapes); full transcripts and some additional notes available (1054 pages) recorded between 10 April and 27 July 1994. Interviewer: Neil Baron.
Copy/publish: Written permission required – apply to Mortlock Library for details.
A series of interviews with 36 women conducted as contributing research for a Master of Applied Science (Leisure Studies). The interviews focus on country women’s early married lives, and information about farm work and local communities is provided as well as descriptions of leisure activities.
Subject: Rural conditions South Australia; Rural families South Australia; Farmers South Australia; Rural women South Australia; Women in agriculture Australia; Leisure South Australia; Recreation Women South Australia; Sports South Australia; Handicraft South Australia; Women Employment South Australia; World War, 1939–1945 Women South Australia; Courtship; Marriage; South Australia Social life and customs.

OH 561/67 Radio interview with Sir Allan Robert Callaghan.
Interviewer: Lynne Arnold. Broadcast 16 December 1973. Quantity: 20 minutes. Transcript may be copied for research and study. All rights to copy the tape or publish the tape or transcript belong to the ABC. Subject: Callaghan, Allan R. Sir, 1903–; agriculturists South Australia; agriculture South Australia

OH 679 Interview with Tony Sharley, manager of Banrock Station Winery includes career as research scientist and work with Department of Agriculture.

OH 695 Prospect Hill Historical Museum Oral History Project (re dairying and the area)

OH 692 National Wine Centre ‘Treading out the vintage’: a collection of 179 interviews by Rob Linn on the history of the Australian wine industry

OH 689 History of Orroroo

OH 712 Interview with Tony Ryan who was born in Burra 9 November 1923 by Andrew Brown
Recorded on 29 October & 10 November 2004 on cassette (3 tapes) 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.)
Full transcript available (43 pages) Written permission required for publication.
Subject: Shearers

National Library of Australia

ORAL TRC 2876 Interview with Charles Robert (‘Bert’) Kelly (1912–1997) by Stewart Cockburn, 22 Oct. 1992.
Transcript: (17 leaves). Open access.
Bert Kelly was Minister for the Navy 1968–69 and for Works 1967. He was Liberal Member of the House of Representatives for Wakefield, SA for 1958–78. The subject of the interview, Charles Hawker (1894–1938), was a pastoralist, soldier and Federal Parliamentarian who was killed in a DC3 aircraft crash in Victoria in 1938. Kelly speaks of the Charles Hawker awards; Lilias Needham’s view of Hawker; the Kelly’s relationship with the Hawkers; Hawker and his father’s being wounded in World War I; entry into ‘agro-politics’; his father’s involvement with the Tariff Board; tariffs and employment; Hawker’s stoicism; Hawker’s interest in Kelly’s children; Hawker’s interest in farming; the plantation in honour of Hawker; Hawker as an Australian; Hawker’s attitude to his disabilities; the way Hawker helped people; Dick Butler’s standing for a seat; Hawker as a possible Prime Minister.

ORAL TRC 4900/30 Interview with Charles Robert (‘Bert’) Kelly (1912–1997) by Bruce Edwards, 1 Sept.– 9 Oct. 1968
Originally numbered as Pohp 30. Open access. Original recording 7 cassettes. Tape 1 and tape 2 side 1 have not been transcribed. Tapes have been destroyed at interviewee’s request.
Notes: Parliament’s Oral History Project is an ongoing project administered by the Australian Parliamentary Library focussing on retired parliamentarians and their political careers. Kelly held the seat of Wakefield, SA for the Liberal Party from November 1958 to November 1977. He was Minister for Works from 1967 to 1968 and Minister for Navy from 1968 to 1969. Kelly speaks of his beginnings in politics and his early career; political interests; politicians and political issues; policies; his political career; political events of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

A word search on the State Library of SA’s archival database for FARMING revealed (114 entries)

1        Reminiscences of farming on Kangaroo Island
2        Notes on exploration and farming in Gawler Ranges
3        Recollections of early farming days in South Australia
4        Farming on Yorke Peninsula: A Day in the Life ...: Summary
5        Edward Roberts: Summary record
6        Roland Campbell: Summary record
7        Reminiscences of Anne Nitschke
8        Notebook of M.C. Griffiths
9        Interview with Ivy Fry [sound recording]
10      Interview with Robert Ernest Garfield Hall [sound recording]
11      Interview with Lorna Adams [sound recording]
12      Interview with Roger Nield [sound recording]
13      Interview with Helen Mahar [sound recording]
14      Reminiscences of William Towill
15      Map
16      Interview with Jack Kruger and George Noble [sound recording]
17      William Allen: Summary record
18      Christian Jaensch: Summary record
19      Rev. Samuel Forsyth: Summary record
20      Adelaide Milk Supply Co-operative: Summary record
21      South Australian Company: Summary record
22      Interview with Clarence Kerber [sound recording]
23      Interview with J. A. Wood [sound recording].
24      William Harold Crowder: Summary record
25      Interview with Emma Reich [sound recording]
26      Newland family: Summary record
27      Clarence Herbert Smith: Summary record
28      Eliza Ann Parker: Summary record
29      Day family: Summary record
30      Gordon Pym: Summary record
31      John Wrathall Bull
Summary record
Papers of J.W. Bull, his sons John Bowyer Bull and Joseph Bull and his grand-daughter, Ethel Koch (nèe Bull) including correspondence of hers relating to J.W. Bull’s claim to have invented the reaping machine, original drawings by Ethel’s Husband (Frank Koch), and list of family members. PRG 507. c.1834–1984.
32      Interview with Harold Henry Marlow [sound recording]
33      Interview with Taffy Drew [sound recording]
34      Reminiscences of Edward Austin
35      Crouch family
Summary record
PRG 888 Papers of the Crouch family (1850–1919) comprising ledger kept by C.F. and W.A. Crouch storekeepers, Mt Gambier, together with scrapbook of press cuttings on farming in New Zealand, animal husbandry, obituaries & reminiscences of South Eastern Pioneers kept by E.F. Crouch of Glencoe Station, including original sketches of yard plans, as well as a list of subscribers to local church and school building funds. Quantity: 25 cm
36      W.G. Simms: Summary record
37      Letter from George Fisher
38      Reminiscences of O.J. Mould
39      Memoirs of Carl Schedlich
40      Interview with Ivy Fry [sound recording]
41      Reminiscences of F.A. Oschar of Yorke Peninsula
42      Letter to David Crafer
43      Reminiscences of A.E. Ridley
44      Reminiscences of W. Millar
45      Reminiscences of W. Boxall
46      Diary of James Craig
47      Journal of Charles Rake
D6969(L) 1872–1882. 3 cm. Handwritten journal of Charles Rake, farmer of Enfield, recording seasonal cropping at Enfield and Greenacres with notes on superphosphate, artificial manure, curing, hay stacking apparatus and other farming aids.
Subject Agriculture South Australia; Enfield (SA); Farmers South Australia; Greenacres (SA)
48      Memoirs of Ernest Cowled
49      Reminiscences of Ellen Laurie
50      Reminiscences of H.G. Patterson
51      Interview with Morrie Hurrell [sound recording]
52      Interview with Hazel Andrews [sound recording]
53      Interview with Digby Brereton [sound recording]
54      Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Andy Byrnes [sound recording]
55      Interview with Delcie [?Dulcie] Mary Cooper [sound recording]
56      Dairying and milk vending in Adelaide [sound recording]
57      Interview with Herbert Harrison [sound recording]
58      Interview with Ernest Clive Hutchinson [sound recording]
59      Interview with Nora Elizabeth Jacob [sound recording]
60      Interview with Joseph Arnold Kelly [sound recording]
61      Interview with Garnet James Lord [sound recording]
62      Interview with Neil Seaforth MacKenzie [sound recording]
63      Interview with Margaret Ellen Marshall
64      Interview with Roma Jean McCarthy [sound recording]
65      Interview with Alfred William Oxenham [sound recording]
66      Interview with Elizabeth Leta Padman [sound recording]
67      Interview with Olive Pope [sound recording]
68      Interview with William Clem Sampson [sound recording]
69      Interview with Mark Thompson [sound recording]
70      Torrens Valley History Project [sound recording]
71      Interview with Meg Humphris [sound recording]
72      Interview with Margaret Harrison [sound recording]
73      Interviews with Frank Wicks, Leo Coulls and Alex Boord
OH 327 Summary of interviews with Wicks, Coulls, and Boord:
Three interviews conducted by historical consultants Donovan and Associates for the Engineering and Water Supply Department and landscape architects Land Systems about the Athelstone section of the Torrens River Valley. All three interviewees were long-term residents of the area which was being developed as part of the Torrens River Linear Park.
Title: Torrens Valley History Project [sound recording] Interviewer: Peter Donovan
Format: Sound cassette
Quantity: 5 hours 30 minutes (approx.)
Use copies: Not currently available
Documentation: None currently available (full transcripts, 101 pages, in production)
Date note: Recorded between 5 November and 8 December 1992
Subject: Wicks, Frank; Coulls, Leo; Boord, Alex; Truck farming South Australia. Athelstone; Quarries and quarrying South Australia Athelstone; Athelstone; Torrens, River
74      Interview with Sam Jericho (1918–2000) [sound recording] Interviewer: Merle Piggott
OH 334/1 Sam Jericho’s parents were pioneer farmers in Rudall, first taking up land in 1911. Sam worked on the family’s six farms until 1945 when he took over an undeveloped section and began putting into practice the methods he believed would get the most out of the local soils and conditions. He describes in some detail the elements of his farm plan; including rotating stock through small paddocks, fencing sandhill vegetation with rabbit-proof netting, planting bands of trees along fence lines as wind breaks, and using minimum tillage methods of cultivation for crops. He recounts in detail how he went about establishing 2000 new trees each year between 1975 and 1988. Mr Jericho concludes by referring to his property’s heritage agreement and explaining how he became the State winner of the inaugural Commonwealth Development Bank Ibis Awards for combining excellence in wildlife conservation and farming in 1989.
Project: Interviews concerning Native Vegetation in Semi-Arid South Australia, 1980–1985
Quantity: 1 hour (approx.)
Copy/publish: Copies may be made for research and study. Publication only with written permission from the Mortlock Library
Documentation: Full transcript and copy of Ibis Award submission available (26 pages)
Date note: Recorded on 16 January 1996
Subject: Jericho, Sam; Ibis Awards; conservationists South Australia Eyre Peninsula; soil conservation South Australia Rudall; tree planting South Australia Rudall; Nature Conservation Australia Awards; Rudall region (S. Aust.)
75      Interview with Lee Martin [sound recording]
76      Interview with Doreen Winton [sound recording]
77      Interview with Tom Burgess (sound recording)
78      Interview with Bill Sismey (sound recording)
79      Interview with Neville Trezona [sound recording]
80      Interview with James Spitzkowsky [sound recording]
81      H.H. Finlayson: Summary record
82      Diary of Maria Wiese
83      Reminiscences of Margaret Powell [sound recording]
84      Interview with Fred Steiner [sound recording]
85      Recording of the Launch of ‘Destiny at Woorongboolong’ [sound recording]
86      The Dandenong Story [motion picture]
87      Diaries of Clarice Haines
88      Balance sheet of Philip Levi & Co.
89      Diary of Charles Davies
90      Letters written to Charles George Palmer
91      Diary of Marjorie Lord
92      [Isuzu Motors] [motion picture]
93      Arthur Cecil Hall: Summary record
94      Notebook
95      Crawford–Hawker correspondence
96      Scrapbook and newspaper clippings
97      Farm and personal journal of James Sparshott
98      Diary and notebook of S.E. Roberts
99      Poetry by James Beasley
100    Kelvin Gerald Roberts: Summary record
101    Letters from Maude Hossfeld
102    Invoice
103    Correspondence
104    Journal of Vassil Staiff
105    Photograph albums
106    Reminiscences of D.G. Kelly
107    Radio interview with May Mills [sound recording]
108    Radio interview with Sam Jericho
109    John McConnell Black: Summary record
110    Lindsay Croser
Summary record
PRG 1326 Croser, Lindsay Wilfred, 1905–1974
Amateur films taken by Lindsay Croser, pastoralist and agriculturalist of Warooka on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, recording farming activities on his property ‘Barooke’, local events including sports, Coobowie rodeo, opening of Corny Point Hall, the opening of a hall at Yorketown by Premier Tom Playford, excursions in the region and scenes of horse shows and trials taken on trips to England with relatives Enoch and May Murdoch whose son later inherited the Croser films.
Format: Film reel (acetate)
Date/s: 1952–1957
Quantity: (8 film reels)
Access: No access until processing is completed
Use copies: Not currently available
Subject: Croser family; Warooka (SA); farmers South Australia Yorke Peninsula
111       [Terrier rotary hoe] [motion picture]
112       Interview with Mal Chambers [sound recording]
113       Interview with Tom Chambers [sound recording]
114       Economic history

MANUSCRIPT type (listed by State Library’s catalogue title)

1          History of agriculture in South Australia (research paper)
2          Farm journals of Henry Pitcher
3          Recollections of early farming days in South Australia
4          Papers regarding his horticultural study and work in Melbourne
5          Letter from John Dickins
6          Observations on S.A.
7          Letters from Sarah Mundon
8          Certificates issued to E.W. Mattner
9          Letter from Archibald Little
10         Journal of Charles Rake, farmer of Enfield
D6969(L) Recording seasonal cropping at Enfield and Greenacres; notes on superphosphate, artificial manure, curing, hay stacking apparatus and other farming aids. 1872–1882
Note: the State Library was unable to locate this item in April 2003; it probably has been ‘lost’.
Subject: agriculture South Australia; Enfield (SA); farmers South Australia; Greenacres (SA)
11         The veterinary profession in South Australia 1836–1936 (research)
12         Letters from Archibald Little
13         Ebenezer Ward: Summary record
14         Scrap book relating to George Woodroffe Goyder
15         Typescripts of seminar papers
PRG 195/8 Papers presented at the Australian National University by Margaret Kiddle, and a paper written by A.W. Martin, both from Department of History, ANU
PRG 195/8/1 ‘Scottish Lowland Farmer ca.1830–1850’ by M. Kiddle.
PRG 195/8/2 ‘Irish Paupers ca.1830–1850’ by M. Kiddle.
PRG 195/8/3 ‘English assisted emigrants from country and town c.1830–1850’ by M. Kiddle.
PRG 195/8/4 ‘The emergence of political parties in N.S.W. during the 1880s’ by A W Martin.
Format: Typescript (roneo)
Name: McLellan, J. (John), 1900–1966
Date/s: 1954
Quantity: 3 cm
16         Memorabilia of teaching in New Zealand
17         South Australian papers
18         ‘The Shearer Story’, by a descendant of John Shearer about the company (D7823)
19         D 6663(L) Hugh Gilmore Harrison, ‘From number six to number eight’ (autobiography: reminiscences of Hugh Gilmore Harrison about his life in Ireland and in South Australia), 1976, Typescript, 1 cm. Normal copyright conditions for unpublished manuscripts apply
20         Ray Honeychurch research notes and personal recollections re Jacobs Dairy Produce Company, Mt Barker, 1933–1983
21         Donovan, P.F., Records and draft history of Murray River Wholesale Co-Operative Ltd, 1921–1997, 2002
22         D 7970(L) Scholefield, J.W. 1880–1956. Diary of welfare officer on S.S. 'Balranald' to voyage to Australia. 1924.
Photocopy of handwritten diary of Joe Willie Scholefield as welfare officer on the S.S. 'Balranald' which brought 50 'Barwell Boys' to South Australia in 1924, (13 March–23 April). The vessel left for Melbourne on 26 April, then arrived in Sydney on 1 May before returning to Melbourne on 23 May. The ship called in at Freemantle, Western Australia on 5 June and left for South Africa on 7 June, arriving at Durban on 22 June. The 'Balranald' left Durban on 24 June, arriving at Cape Town on 27 June and left the next day. On the way back to England the ship stopped in at Las Palmas on 13 July. The last day's [unfilled] entry in his diary suggests that the 'Balranald' arrived home on 19 July 1924. Includes newspaper cuttings, programmes of social events during the voyage, and a photograph of the 'Barwell Boys' taken in Adelaide on 23 April 1924 (next to page 82). A digital image of this photograph is available on the South Australiana Database at D 7970/2(L).
Joe Willie Scholefield (1880–1956) was a member of the Huddersfield Methodist Church and Secretary of the Huddersfield YMCA. He was the welfare officer for the S.S. 'Balranald' trip to Australia, with 573 passengers on board, including 87 for Adelaide. These comprised about 50 'Barwell Boys' farm apprentices brought out from Great Britain under government assistance, and eight families. Some of the boys had earlier been training on farms in Scotland. The 'Balranald' also conveyed a collection of birds and animals for the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. Newspaper cuttings at pages 37, 42–43, 81–82 relate to passengers including the 'Barwell Boys'.
Subject: Balranald (ship); Immigrants South Australia; Migrant agricultural labourers South Australia.
23        D 8012(L) Bardsley, Geoffrey. Reminiscences of Geoffrey Bardsley. 1990.
Reminiscences of a Barwell Boy apprenticeship with criticism of the scheme and living conditions. Geoffrey Bardsley arrived on 'Benalla' 15 September 1922.
Subject: Bardsley, Geoffrey; Barwell Boys; British South Australia; Migrant agricultural laborers South Australia; Immigrants South Australia; South Australia Emigration and immigration.

WOOL search word

1          Wool and Basil Workers Federation (SA): Summary record
2          Project on wool industry
3          Wool summary books
4          John Grice & Company: Summary record
5          Interview with Albert Hamilton [sound recording]
6          Interview with Keith, Clive and Lois Pingel (sound recording
7          Interview with James Raymond Michell [sound recording]; interviewer: Jane Oest
OH 96/22 Salisbury’s Industrial Oral History Project
Recorded on 23 August 1990, 45 minutes; interview log available (5 pages)
Subject: Michell, James Raymond, 1932–; G.H. Michell & Sons (Aust.); wool industry South Australia
8          Shareholder records
9          Mount Eba Ltd: Summary record
10         Ann Cameron: Summary record
11         Warcowie Station: Summary record
12         Woodside/Lobethal Migrant Workers Project: Summary record
13         Gilbert family
Summary record
PRG 266 Papers of the Gilbert family of Pewsey Vale including Joseph (1800–1881), his son William (1850–1923) and his grandsons Thomas (1889–1938) and Joseph (1884–1915). Papers include letters, photographs, field diaries, biographies, printed material, reminiscences and historical notes, speeches, personal military records, business records and other miscellaneous records.
Date/s: 1840–1973, 1995
Quantity: 2.5 m series 14 on open access microfilm
Joseph Gilbert emigrated to South Australia from England aboard the Buckinghamshire in 1839. Bought 15 000 acres near Lyndoch and named the property Pewsey Vale. Stocked it with sheep, planted vineyards and built a large house with extensive grounds. Married Anna Browne (1812–1873) in 1848. Bought other properties for producing wool that included Cappeedee, Mount Bryan and Orriecowie. His son William Gilbert inherited these properties and sold several of them soon after his father’s death. His son William Gilbert (1887–1967) sold Pewsey Vale soon after his father’s death in 1923.
14         Jason Hopton: Summary record
15         Sitters Family: Summary record
16         J.P. Shea: Summary record
17         Letter to Frederick Huth & Co.
18         Letters from Evelyn P.S. Sturt
19         A Good Yarn: Lobethal and the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill: SUM
20         Interview with Doris May Blackman [sound recording]
21         Interview with Ray Michell [sound recording]
22         Nancy Robinson: Summary record
23         Australian Ballads, Adelaide Festival of Arts, 1964 [sound recording]
24         Plan of Cosford Estate [map]/ Sanders & Packard, Licensed Surveyors
25         Plan of Crafers Springs [map]/ by Sanders & Packard, Licensed Surveyors
26         Plan of Crafers Springs [map]/ by Sanders & Packard, Land Brokers
27         A trip up the Murray [motion picture]
28         Ships papers
29         Journal of Thomas Elder
30         South Australian Woollen Company: Summary record
31         Crompton & Sons: Summary record
32         Interview with Clifford Wade Hooper [sound recording]
33         Poonindie Mission: Summary record
34         Interview with Tom Parr [sound recording]
35         Chart of the Darling River, between Brewarrina and Bourke
36         Chart of the Darling River, between Wilcannia and Wallo(sic)
37         Account books of S.J. Stuckey
PRG 1191/6 Records wool sent from Umberatana Station, names of shepherds, station expenses, assets and liabilities of Samuel Joseph Stuckey, cash book entries, trust accounts of Mrs S.J. Stuckey and of estate W. Flett and wages paid. 1862–1877
Copy/publish: Copies may be supplied for research or study. No publication without written
permission from the Mortlock Library.
Subject: Umberatana Station (SA)
38         Financial records
39         Interview with Barry Wright [sound recording]

Live sheep export dispute [videorecording]

‘Source to Sea: the story of the Murray Riverboats’, updated and extended version of videocassette copy released on DVD. Prepared by Ian Doyle for National Museum of Australia, Canberra, 2003.

MILK search word

1          Miracle of milk [motion picture]
2          David John Higbed: Summary record
3          Scrapbook
4          South East Cheese Industry
D5079(T) Text of a radio talk on the early dairy industry in South Australia by A.E.J. Frost, presented by the Australian Broadcasting Commission Regional Report on 9 Aug. 1968.
Quantity: 0.5 cm
5          Adelaide Milk Supply Co-operative: Summary record
6          Dairying and milk vending in Adelaide [sound recording]

WHEAT search word

1          SA Wheat and Woolgrowers Assoc.: Summary record
2          Sailing ships at Port Adelaide loading wheat [motion picture]
3          Wheat samples
4          Map showing the area cultivated for wheat in South Australia
5          Wheat buying prior to Australian Wheat Board
6          William Charlick Limited: Summary record
7          Francis Henry Ernst Siekmann: Summary record
8          Thomas Cleve Stott: Summary record
9          Millers Produce Co of S.A. Ltd. Summary record
10         [Flour mill and racecourse] [motion picture]
11         Biscuit making at the Menz factory [motion picture]
12         Laboratory record book
13         Interview with Jack Kruger and George Noble [sound recording]
14         Letter from John Dickins
15         James Tiver: Summary record
16         N.A. Lord & Co.: Summary record
17         Letter to Geo. Wills & Co.
18         Reginald James Ireland: Summary record
19         Alford family: Summary record
20         Heinrich Walter: Summary record
21         Letter to Frederick Huth & Co.
22         ‘Sierra Miranda’ charter party
23         Diary of Elizabeth Ann Bell
24         Reminiscences of E. Lutz
D4895(L) Photocopy of ‘My memoirs of 68 years spent on the west coast of South Australia, 1893–1961’ by E.E.E. Lutz. Personal experiences and comparisons, including transport, shipping, land clearing, water conservation, roads, wheat prices, Aborigines and general development.
Specialisation: Aboriginal Holdings Project
Subject: Aborigines, Australian; Port Augusta (SA); Ceduna (SA); Thevenard (SA); West Coast region (SA)

PASTORAL BOARD search word

1          Robert S. Richards: Summary record available.
2          Papers relating to pastoral lands
PRG 560/67 Report entitled ‘Far West and Far North West Interior South Australian Pastoral Board Inspection, 19th June – 19th July 1967’ by J. Vickery along with maps and notes and a series of photographs titled ‘Scenes from Northern Pastoral Areas of South Australia’. Also includes hand-written notes and a printed item titled ‘Pastoral Lands to be leased under the provisions of the Pastoral Act, 1936–1960’.
Name: Lothian, Noel, 1915–
Quantity: 2 cm
Subject: land use; rural South Australia northern region; pastures South Australia northern region; South Australian Pastoral Board.
3          Kangaroo Island, County Carnarvon. Plan shewing pastoral blo[?cks]
4          Greenwood family: Summary record
5          Thomas Cleve Stott: Summary record
6          Edmund Albert Brooks: Summary record

Farm journals of Henry Pitcher
D3192(L) Farm journals kept by Henry Pitcher at Dry Creek, 1869–1872, and at Maitland, 1873–1912. 3 volumes, handwritten
Subject: agriculture; South Australia; Dry Creek history; Maitland history.

History of agriculture in South Australia (research paper)
D7473(T) Typescript copy of a research paper on the history of agriculture in South Australia (by Edward Giles, c.1870). The paper looks at early successes in growing wheat, its harvesting, beneficial effects on self sufficiency for the colony and bread prices. It also looks at stock raising and common practices when first establishing an agricultural property.
Subject: agriculture; South Australia history

SRG 78 Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Minutes of Committee and General Meetings. From 1850– with some year gaps.

SRG 112 South Australian Chamber of Manufactures.
These holdings include: minutes, 112/1, 1869–1894, 1918–1972; indexes to minutes, 112/2; letterbooks, 112/3, 1912–1918; histories of the Chamber, 112/15, c.1947, 1956–1958 by H.E. Winterbottom and draft by J. Martindale; correspondence, 112/16, 1884 [appears to be ‘lost’], 1929–1930; newspaper cuttings, 112/17, 1879–1896 (1 vol., alpha index at start of volume).

Note: In addition, records of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and of Manufactures, instrumental in developing primary (and other) South Australian industries – including tariff and labour award issues – are also held by the State Library under recent deposits

SRG 188 Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia. 1856–1995. 4 m.
1      Papers Relating to Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia 1996
2      Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia: Summary record 1995
Records of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society comprising minute books of the Committee and various sub-committees, proceedings and reports (printed), illuminated address to the Duke of Edinburgh, lithographic print of Exhibition building, photographs, newspaper cuttings album, wine show material, minute books of the committee and sub-committees, proceedings and reports (printed), copy of illuminated address to the Duke of Edinburgh, lithographic print of exhibition buildings, photographs, album of newspaper cuttings, judging records of RAHS. Adelaide Wine Show, secretary’s correspondence, plan of showgrounds 1944 and letterheads.
Subject: Wine and wine making South Australia.
Note: The RAHS maintains its own archives and this collection needs to be examined separately.

PRG 560/39 Papers relating to the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia. Mixed publications, realia, newspaper cuttings, handwritten and typescript. (Noel Lothian, 1915–).

SRG 207 United Farmers and Graziers of South Australia Incorporated, 1966–1979. 9 m.
Records of United Farmers and Graziers of South Australia Inc. comprising minutes, reports, press releases, zone files and branch files.
Subject: Agriculture Economic aspects South Australia; Farmers South Australia.

SRG 235 Records of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Torrens Valley Branch comprising minutes. 1 volume. 1948–1958.

SRG 503 Little Brothers' and Barwell Boys' Association 1923–1988. 2 cm. Papers collected by the Little Brothers' and Barwell Boys' Association.
Subject: Little Brothers' and Barwell Boys' Association; Barwell Boys; Little Brothers; British South Australia; Migrant agricultural laborers South Australia; Immigrants South Australia; South Australia Emigration and immigration.

State Records of NSW (Western Sydney Records Centre)

3249 William Farrer (1845–1906). Papers, February 1885–May 1906. 45 cm.
Correspondence with agricultural scientists and wheat growers in Australia and overseas. The papers comprise letters received by Farrer from Henry Vilmorin, a French grain merchant and experimentalist; M.A. Carleton and B.T. Galloway of the US Department of Agriculture; Professor A.E. Blount of the State Agricultural College, Colorado; C.E. Saunders of the Canadian Department of Agriculture; and typed copies of letters sent by Farrer to B.T. Galloway and M.A. Carleton, together with other minor papers.


State Library of NSW

ANZAAS (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science; founded 1888).
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscript Collection, State Library of NSW. ML MSS 988
Records held for the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science (1888–1930) and ANZAAS (1930–1961). 3-page detailed list available.

National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection

NLA MS 9173
ANZAAS records 1959–93. 3 boxes (0.36 m). Includes records relating to ANZAAS congresses, executive and management committees, membership, journals, awards, administration and ANZAAS State Divisions.

NLA MS 7424 (Restricted. Not for loan.)
Charles Robert (Bert) Kelly (1912–1997), Diaries, 1959–82 [manuscript] 1959–82. 28 cm (2 boxes). Kelly was the Liberal MP for Wakefield (SA) for 1958–77. He was Minister for Works (1967) and Minister for the Navy (1968–69) and for much of his time in politics he kept a diary. He wrote a weekly newspaper column using the pseudonym the ‘Modest Member’ and after his retirement the ‘Modest Farmer’.
Summary: Photocopy of eight typescript diaries. Box 1: vol. 1 1959–60, vol. 2 1961, vol. 3 1962–69, vol 4 1970–72; Box 2: vol. 5 1973–74, vol. 6 1975–76, vol. 7 1977–79, vol. 8 1980–82. Also includes notes about speeches and questions in Parliament re tariffs, covering the years 1962–1977.

University of Melbourne Archives

Reference no.: 89/142
ANZAAS records includes material regarding the ANZAAS Congress 1977; correspondence for 1975–1978; papers presented; programs; guest list.

Noel Butlin Archives Centre, Australian National University

The Noel Butlin Archives Centre (NBAC) list of holdings as at December 1993 is described in 41 pp. The selections below of business and personal records and papers are taken from the on-line catalogue (<http://anulib.anu.edu.au/nbac/collection.html>). Their detail is not known. Descriptive series lists are only available at the NBAC. But they probably would have high relevance to a South Australian history depending on the direction and focus it takes and the degree of its connections to South Australian agricultural history. For example, wool shearer union members; national concerns of large pastoral and land auction companies, etc.

Australian Dairy Products Federation (1978)
Z318 1946–1981 4.35 Minutes of Committees and constituent bodies.

Australian Farmers Federation (1969–1979)
See NFF N18 and Norquay, Z135.

Australian Primary Producers Union (1944–1969)
See NFF N18 and Norquay Z135

Australian Timber Industry Stabilisation Conference (c.1928) and predecessors
Z347 1959–1987 0.60 m of minutes, conference papers, correspondence and subject files, membership lists, draft history of predecessor body and finance papers.

Australian Timber Workers Union (1907–1991) includes predecessors
T34 Victorian Branch 1907–1921 Rules, conference report & photographs.
Z120 South Australian Branch 1912–1983 Minutes, correspondence, rules, industrial records & journals.
Z138 NSW Branch 1910–1990 All types of union records including radio broadcast transcripts (J. Weir).
Z168 Federal Office 1923–1984 Minutes, files, financial and industrial records and publications. Includes records of Victorian Branch.
Z406 NSW – Pit Prop Cutters Section c1937–85 Minutes, files, transcripts, diaries, membership, accounts & publications.
Z526 Tasmanian Branch 1911–1952 Minutes, membership and accounts records, rules & press cuttings.

Australian Vegetable Growers Federation (1945).
See NFF N18 & Norquay Z135

Australian Wheatgrowers Federation (1931) (Grains Council of Australia from 1986)
Z83 See National Farmers Federation 1931–1981 – Minutes, committee records and conference papers, file series by subject for administration and finance and files of the Economic Research Unit.

Australian Wool and Meat Producers Federation (1939–1980) includes predecessors
Z266 (pt) See Wool Council of Australia 1945–1980 Minutes, office files, circulars and financial records.

Australian Wool Industry Conference (1962–1980)
Z266 (pt) See Wool Council of Australia 1962–1979 Minutes and meetings papers, papers of industry committees, subject files, press cuttings, publications and papers of the International Wool Secretariat.

Australian Woolgrowers and Graziers Council (1960–1979) includes predecessor bodies
E246 E266 N124 1929–1979 Minutes, correspondence and office files, circulars, reports and publications. Includes records of the Australian Woolgrowers Council, Pastoralists Federal Council and Graziers Federal Council.

CSIRO Officers Association (1943–1992) includes former titles
Z417 ACT Branch 1943–1991 Minutes of Branch and Council, annual reports and bulletin.
N43 Equal Pay Committee 1948–1971 Office files, rough minutes, press cuttings, TV program transcripts.

Milk and Ice Carters and Dairymens Employees Union of NSW (1903–1971)
T25 1903–1959 0.90 Minutes, arbitration and membership records.

Goldsbrough Mort & Co. Ltd Head Office 1853–1965, pastoral brokers, agents
All types of company and station records.
98 Adelaide Office 1914–1963 Minutes, correspondence and financial records, also Bagot, Shakes & Lewis Ltd records.
88 London Office 1893–1948 Minutes, correspondence and financial records.
106 Perth Office 1928–1963 Financial records.
105 N106 Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort Ltd, Head Office, Adelaide 1963–1973
Correspondence, annual reports and printed material.
130 Perth Office 19571968 Company publications.
N108 Melbourne Office 1963–1979 Press cuttings, publications & photographs.

National Farmers Federation (1979) includes predecessors and some constituents
N18, N143, Z551 (see also Z135)
Minutes, correspondence & subject file series, conference papers and publications. Includes records of Australian Primary Producers Union, Primary Producers Council of Aust., National Farmers Union (1943–1969) & Aust. Farmers Federation. Constituents records are of the Australian Vegetable Growers, Wheatgrowers and Seed Producers. 1943–1992, 1979–1991, c.1904–1978

NSW Farmers Association includes former titles, predecessors and associated bodies, 1890–1988
E256 P51, P104 P123, P125 N92, N123 Z453
Minutes, correspondence and classified subject file series, membership & industrial records, press cuttings, circulars and publications. Includes records of advisory & specialist committees of the Association & records of the Sheepmeats Marketing Board, UFWA, United Farmers Co-op Ltd, NSW Pig Producers Council, NSW Shearing Industry Committee and the Wool Producing Industry Trade Committee.

Sheepmeat Council of Australia (1979)
Z325 (1975–1991) Subject files

United Trades & Labour Council of South Australia (1884)
M15 Microfilm copies of minutes, 1884–1952

Wool Council of Australia (1979) includes predecessors
Z266 Office files and related records for the WCA & predecessors, the Australian Wool Industry Conference and the Australian Wool & Meat Producers Association, 1964–1991.

Wool Selling Brokers Officers Association of Australia (see Goldsbrough Mort deposit 2A)
Woolclassers Association of Australia (1933)
Federal Office and NSW Branch 1910–1983
All types of union records for the Federal Office and NSW, & minutes of the Tasmanian Branch.

Australian Agricultural Company Ltd, pastoral and coal mining
Australian Office 1824–1989, *closed post 1940
All types of company records including Ivanhoe Grazing Co., James McLeish Estates Ltd, Connor, Doherty & Durack Pty Ltd and Darks Ice & Cold Storage Ltd.
London Office 1824–1974 *closed post 1940
All types of company records including AA&P Joint Holdings Ltd and Union Pastoral Investments Ltd.

Personal records

Wilson, W.E.R., Thesis on the history of the Australian Agricultural Company.

Troy, Pat, Papers relating to the SA Land Commission, WA and NSW Urban Land Councils, Victorian Land Council and Australian Housing Corporation, 1968–1979; survey documents, press cuttings and printed material relating to various projects of the Urban Research Unit, ANU.

Manning, G.A., Research papers on the merger of Elder Smith and Goldsbrough Mort & Co.

Barnard, Alan, Research papers incl. material on the history of Goldsbrough Mort & Co and ANU Wool Seminar papers, 1957–59.

Lake Victoria Station, SA Pastoral diaries, financial records, correspondence, stores and day books & returns, 1881–1910.

State Records of South Australia

Some of the relevant examples only: e.g., see Education Department and Colonial/Chief Secretary’s Office files for additional information.

Finnis, H.J., ‘The Formation of the Women’s Agricultural Bureau’, an address given at the Jubilee Celebrations arranged by Central District Branches, 19 April 1967 (‘SA Archives’).

Agent-General for SA
GRG 55
Includes details on trading arrangements, promotional activities etc for agricultural produce

Agricultural Bureau (see also PIRSA entries)
GRG 35/1/1888/174 and 1889/2942: files on the establishment of the original Agricultural Bureau. Minutes of Branches of the Bureau for 1903–1974 are in GRG 10/57. 46 vols.

Agricultural College Department
GRG 61
Records include correspondence; farm day books; agronomy experiments; records of plot and field work; inventories (1893, 1905, 1911–13); laboratory notebooks (c.1906–08) and diary (n.d.) on viticulture; printed reports, 1884, 1904–1912; Minutes of Council, 1895–1902; and several entires titled ‘Department of Agriculture’.

Agriculture Department
GRG 10
(General, and main, series holdings are in GRG 10; supplementary records and later transfers of material are in the separate GRS series, including material listed under GRS or awaiting transfer from the Department of Primary Industry and Resources South Australia)
The Department of Agriculture was established in 1902; it ceased to exist as a government agency under that name on 8 October 1992. No annual reports from the Department of Agriculture were published between 1972 and 1986. For the period 1975–79 the department was known as the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Information on, for example, the department’s Experimental Research Stations is contained in State Records files.

GRG 10/5/1–5   Department of Agriculture, letters received, subject index
GRG 10/1                     Department of Agriculture, correspondence files 1902–45
GRG 10/4                     Index to letters sent, 1938–46, 1955–67
GRG 10/8                     Combined control register, and index (up to 1930) of letters received by the Department, 1918–71, 34 vols
GRG 10/18–23  Dairy Produce Board: see note below
GRG 10/52                    Women’s Agricultural Bureau membership records
GRG 10/57                    Minutes of branches of the Agricultural Bureau, 1903–74, 46 vols
GRG 10/60                    Index of letters received by the Office of the Minister, 1925–43, 1 vol.
GRG 10/97                    Kangaroo Island Research Centre. Stock Book 1951–54. 1 vol.
GRG 10/125      Flora and Fauna Committee Minutes, 1937–62

GRS 2493/1 Department of Agriculture, handwritten docket alpha-indexed register of correspondence Index (‘Index Reference Book to Authorities Book’), 1920–50s.

GRS 758 Minister of Agriculture correspondence 1901–83 (with gaps).

GRS 4769–4774 Rural Youth records, 1950s–70s inclusive.

Dairy Produce Board

GRG 10/18–23
The South Australian Dairy Produce Board, established by the Dairy Produce Act 1934 ,was concerned with butter and cheese for the local market. The Board was not connected to the South Australian Advisory Dairy Board (GRG 10/24–26), with the first appointments in March 1923 (for correspondence re its foundation see Minister of Agriculture files 53/1922 and 24/1923). In October 1933 its name changed to the South Australian Committee of the Australian Dairy Council; in January 1937 it became the South Australian Committee of the Australian Dairy Produce Board; in August 1938 a name change to the Australian Dairy Produce Board, Pasture Improvement Committee (SA). The Secretary was Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and two other employees of the Department of Agriculture were on the Committee, which wound up in 1971.

Attorney-General’s Department

GRG 1/63

Australian Barley Board

GRG 106/1        Correspondence and subject files, 1940–43 and 1939–45 (converted to GRS 523/1).

Crown Law Office

GRG 57

Drought Relief and Farmers’ Assistance Board

GRG6/1 Farmers Assistance Act, 1933 and Primary Producers Assistance Department – correspondence, 1934–1951
GRG6/2 Debt Adjustment Act, 1929 – correspondence
GRG6/3 Farmers Assistance Board: Primary Producers Debts Act, 1935 – correspondence
GRG6/4 Farmers Assistance Board 1933 – correspondence
GRG6/5 Drought Fund 1914 files
GRG6/6 Drought Relief Act, 1927 files
GRG6/7 Drought Relief Act, 1928 files
GRG6/8 Drought Relief Acts, 1928–1929 files
GRG6/9 Farmers Relief Act, 1931 files
GRG6/10 Drought Relief Arrears files
GRG6/11 Farmers Relief Act Extension Act, 1931 files
GRG6/12 Farmers Relief Act, 1932 files
GRG6/13 Farmers Assistance Act, 1933 files
GRG6/14 Primary Producer Debts Act, 1935 and Primary Producer Debts Act, 1935–1939 files
GRG6/15 Farmers Assistance Board Distribution files, 1934 – 1937
GRG6/16 Drought Relief Act, 1940 files
GRG6/17 Farmers Assistance Act, 1933 – minutes of Board
GRG6/18 Primary Producers Debts Act, 1935–1941 – minutes of Board
GRG6/19 Primary Producers Debts Act, 1935–1941 and Primary Producers Assistance Act, 1943 – register of schemes, 1935–1943
GRG6/20 Farmers Relief Act, 1932 – list of applicants
GRG6/21 Farmers Relief Act Extension Act, 1931 – list of applicants
GRG6/22 Drought Relief Act, 1940 – minutes of Board, 1940–1942
GRG6/23 Farmers Assistance Board Department/Primary Producers Assistance Department – register of securities lodged, 1936–1953
GRG6/24 Primary Producers Assistance Department: Crown Solicitors and other legal opinions copies, 1930–1940
GRG6/25 Notices of dismissal etc under Primary Producers Debts Act, 1935–1939
GRG6/26 Debt Adjustment Department, c. 1929–1934 – ledger

Fauna and Flora Board

GRG 80/1/1–3 Minutes, 4 February 1920–18 January 1944, 15 February 1944–24 May 1965, 23 August 1965–18 April 1972

Fisheries Department

GRG 81.
See also GRG 51/17

Immigration, Publicity and Tourism Department

Includes Barwell Boys and agricultural labourers (see series 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16–19, 24, 56–57, 80/8,11,12, 100)

Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science

GRG 128
Records consist of annual reports, 1938–40, 1943–44, 1949–79. 32 vols. Printed [nos. 1, 2, 6, 12–41].

Honey Board

GRG 62
Operated from 1949 to 1964

Lands Department

GRG 35 – general and main series of holdings

Drought relief and assistance to farmers
GRG 35/64–83 Additional records relating to drought relief and assistance to farmers (see GRG 6).

War Service Land Settlement
The main settlement schemes in South Australia were in the Lower South East, Kangaroo Island, the higher rainfall areas of Eyre Peninsula, and on the land set aside for irrigation purposes in the Upper River Murray district. The Land Board (GRG 35/198) allotted allocations on a competitive basis. For example, GRG 35/561/pt 1/Box 4, ‘Land Development Board Parndana East. Depot Buildings etc.’ Information on contracts, cartage, plant and stores disposal; and Penneshaw East Sale. (Includes stock agents’ auction catalogues).

GRG 35/193 ‘Classification Points’ gives the point system judged on interviewing potential settlers, and the form that was filled on application.

GRG 35/198 Soldier Settlement Commission (Melbourne 1954).

  • ‘Letter Drafts’ includes procedures on settlers’ applications. For example, ‘Procedure on allotment’, lists the forms provided to the settler, i.e., Living allowance form, Tax concession form, Removal expense form, Acknowledgment form, Undertaking form, Detail of structural improvements, 12 application for Advance forms.
  • ‘Letters etc. relating to meetings of C/tees’. Additionally, the War Service Land Settlement Central Classification Committee (there were committees for Dry Lands and for Irrigation areas) required applicants to fill a form for initial application for classification for land settlement. This was to be signed before a JP; three written references covering the applicant’s experience in primary production and/or regarding his character were to be provided; his personal appearance before a Classification Committee, at which he produced his discharge certificate, was also required. If men were still on war service they could apply to participate but no decision would be made before their discharge.

GRG 35/561, Box 1, Subject files – Kangaroo Island Office. Comprehensive information.
Land Development Executive

  • Soldier Settlement records. These records contains folders that originally were probably used on Kangaroo Island for daily management of the scheme. Information includes boundary fence maps, town maps, and catalogues of the plant and equipment sales of 1962–63 etc.
    Several boxes in this series, including form letters for the South East district. One letter dated 28 June 1955 by the Director of Lands to W.A. Williams, Head Teacher, Parndana School, outlines the settlement scheme policy. (Williams requested the information to help with a course in farm book-keeping, which he intended teaching, presumably to soldier settlers.)

GRG 35/400 Index to Scrub, Miscellaneous and Selectors’ Leases. c.1860–1900.
There are 15 GRS record series listed for the Agriculture Department, which comprise several shelf metres of boxed records. Most will be more or less relevant or useful.

Mines Department

GRG 30
Probably little substantial material directly relating to agriculture

National Park

GRG 60
Records include those of the National Parks Commission, 1892– and photographs c.1910–70.

Oyster Fisheries

GRG 51/289

Pastoral Board of South Australia

GRG 35/136–143 Records, including minutes (four volumes) to 1898

Primary Industry and Resources South Australia (search incomplete)

Predecessor agencies include: GA 204, GA 241, GA 741
Office of the Minister (title varies) include: GA 316, GA 1059, GA 1082

GRS 487/1/P Stock Disease Acts, 1888–1962

GRS 491/1/P Minutes of the Board of Examiners of Stock Inspectors, 1891–1957
GRS 492/1/P Letters sent by the Board of Examiners of Stock Inspectors, 1946–50 (see also GRS 17)
GRS 493/1/P Certificates of Competence for appointment as an Inspector of Stock, 1950
GRS 494/1/P Examination papers (Subject: Re: attack of the Irish …), 1949–57

GRS 524/1/P Index to DA correspondence 1973–1976

GRS 525/1/P DA correspondence 1971–1976
GRS 525/2/P DA correspondence 1983–1988
GRS 525/3/P DA correspondence 1980–1985
GRS 525/4/P DA correspondence 1977–1980
GRS 525/5/P DA correspondence 1981
GRS 525/6/P DA correspondence 1982
GRS 525/7/P DA correspondence 1973–1989
GRS 525/8/P DA correspondence 1991–1993
GRS 525/9/P DA correspondence 1990
GRS 525/10/P DA correspondence 1978–1998
GRS 525/11/P DA correspondence 1983–1995

GRS 544 Minutes – South Australian Potato Board

GRS 545 Payments to growers

GRS 546 Ledgers (bound printouts), chronological series

GRS 555 Promotion and Publicity Files

GRS 556 Managers Files

GRS 557 Budget Papers

GRS 727/1/P Marginal dairy farms assistance files, 1974–76
GRS 738/1/P Fodder subsidy files, 1982–
GRS 739/1/P Beef Industry Assistance files, 1977–83

GRS 964/1/P Ministerial correspondence – Fisheries, 1979–82
GRS 964/2/P Ministerial correspondence – Fisheries, 1985–87
GRS 964/3/P Ministerial correspondence – Fisheries, 1973–75

GRS 1256/1/P Butter brands, 1929–65
GRS 1257/1/P Reports of Dairy Factory Audits, 1950–83
GRS 1258/1/P Margarine licences, 1935–79

GRS 1336/1/P Animal health files, 1953–85: 122 boxes of ADI files stored in Animal Health shed, Glenside at 13/11/2002. This set of records may become ‘temporary value’.
GRS 1336/2/P Animal health files, 1953–85: 126 boxes of ADI files stored in Animal Health shed, Glenside
GRS 1768/1/P Freight concession scheme dockets, 1982–84
GRS 1816/1/P Marginal and Pastoral Areas Enquiry Committee, 1946–48 (see also GRS 1817, 1818)
GRS 1817/1/P Report on overseas study leave, 1950– (see also GRS 1816, 1818)
GRS 1818/1/P Texts of public addresses and radio broadcasts, 1940–60 (see also GRS 1816, 1817)

GRS 2020/1/P Advisory Board of Agriculture minutes, 1965–1977
GRS 2020/2/P Advisory Board of Agriculture files, 1977–1992
GRS 2020/3/P Advisory Board of Agriculture files, 1990–1996
GRS 2020/4/P Advisory Board of Agriculture files, 1989–1993

GRS 2353/1/P Primary Producers Assistance registers, 1935–82 (see also GRS 718, 727, 738, 739)

GRS 2493/1/P Department of Agriculture docket/correspondence register, 1920–50

GRS 2494/1/P Photographs: Directors, Department of Agriculture ?–1992

GRS 2956/1/P File ref.: 99/1619, Ministerial enquiries – Agriculture, 1986–89

GRS 2957/1/P File ref.: 99/1619, Ministerial enquiries – Fisheries, 1986–89

GRS 3223 Vineyard Returns

GRS 3339/1/D Rural finance application files, 1971–86
GRS 3339/2/D Rural finance application files, 1979–87

GRS 3934/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA photos, 1894–1954
GRS 4751/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA State pruning competition minutes, 1958–77
GRS 4752/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA handbooks and publications, 1914–89
GRS 4753/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Willalooka Branch minutes and rolls, 1966–84
GRS 4754/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Younghusband Branch minutes and rolls, 1947–77
GRS 4755/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Monarto Branch minutes and rolls, 1911–74
GRS 4756/1/P Agricultural Bureau Broughton Area regional executive committee minutes, 1968–77
GRS 4757/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Lucindale Branch minutes, 1945–57
GRS 4758/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Brownlow Branch minutes, 1930–46
GRS 4759/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Burdett Branch minutes, 1949–61
GRS 4760/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Keyneton Branch minutes and rolls, 1937–50
GRS 4761/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Neales Flat Branch minutes, 1946–55
GRS 4762/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Mount Pleasant Branch minutes, 1969–72
GRS 4763/1/P Agricultural Bureau of SA Northern Lower Eyre Peninsula Branch minutes, 1966–68
GRS 4768 Agricultural Bureau of SA – Branch histories in loose papers and volumes, 1 box, c. 1987
GRS 8194/1/P Agricultural Bureau Branch & District Activities files, 1987–96
GRS 8195/1/P Advisory Board of Agriculture and Agricultural Bureau of SA history, 1932–99

GRS 4764/1/P Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA Council minutes, 1971–79
GRS 4765/1/P Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA Glenelg Branch minutes and rolls, 1951–84
GRS 4766/1/P Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA Bray Branch minutes, 1976–85
GRS 4767/1/P Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA Comung Branch minutes and rolls, 1955–84
GRS 4794/1/P Women’s Agricultural Bureau of SA handbooks and publications, 1937–74

GRS 4769/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA State Committee minutes, 1958–1979
GRS 4770/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA Council minutes, 1950–1979
GRS 4771/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA Branch minutes, 1956–1980
GRS 4772/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA Branch histories in loose papers and volumes, c. 1987
GRS 4773/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA handbooks and publications, 1955–1978
GRS 4774/1/P Rural Youth Movement of SA programs, 1952–1978

GRS 5784/1/P Media releases, 1991–96

GRS 6038/15/P General correspondence files, 1950–89 [Note: Mines & Energy material]
GRS 6038/10/P General correspondence, 1948–90 (and beyond) [Note: Mines & Energy material]

GRS 8335/1/P Exhibition photographs, 1912–29

GRS 8401/1/D Administrative files, 1907–62

GRS 11522 Minutes – Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board

GRS 11485 Minutes – South Australian Rural Advisory Council (SARAC)
GRS 11486 Executive Officer records – South Australian Rural Advisory Council (SARAC)

GRS 11527 Minutes – Dried Fruits Board of South Australia
GRS 11533 Reports – Dried Fruits Board of South Australia
GRS 11560 Annual reports – Dried Fruits Board of South Australia

GRS 11536 Minutes and agendas – Potato Industry Trust Fund Committee

Produce Department

GRG 20 (see also Agent-General for SA – GRG 55)
An important trading/marketing outlet for agricultural and pastoral production locally and overseas.

Phylloxera Board

GRG 91
See also GRG 10/30/23 for minutes and correspondence 1936–44 and see GA 593 for Phylloxera & Grape Industry Board of SA

Public Service Commissioner

GRG 37

Royal Commission into the Grape Growing Industry, 1965

GRG 98

Services and Supply, Chemistry Division

GRG 105
Probably little substantial material directly relating to agriculture: what there is comes mainly under the Government Analyst’s work on water analysis, fibre identification, crop irregularities and so forth for private customers; there is a little on viticulture.

South Australian Country Fire Service

(The Country Fires Act, 1977 reconstituted the Emergency Fire Service as the CFS of SA.)
GRS 558/2/P General correspondence files, 1963–1998
GRS 6920/1/P CFS annual reports, 1978–1997

Treasury Department

GRG 45/20 Seed wheat agreements between the Treasurer and District Councils
GRG 45/21 Letters sent by Secretary and Under Treasurer to the Minister of Agriculture, July 1901 to June 1904

Woods and Forests Department

GRG 16 (and GRG 1/63 under Attorney-General’s records)
Extensive records of forestry operations in SA

Sources of illustrations


It is likely that there will be far more illustrative material (photos, maps, films, videos, slides, glass plates) than can be incorporated in a single publication: existing publications etc show an extensive range of material. The option of doing a pictorial volume in addition to a volume of history could be considered: a ‘coffee table’ history of agriculture in SA could accompany the departmental history (either as part of a set or as a stand-alone volume).

State Library of SA pictorial collection (preliminary search only)
Search by ‘agriculture’= 42 (including Broken Hill)
Search by ‘farmhouses’ = 209 (including interstate).
The Searcy Collection = 18 722 photos (some only are of agricultural subjects).
PRG 23/6 includes albums of miscellaneous photographs of farming and station properties, horse-drawn vehicles, townships, farm buildings and implements.

The former collection of the Agriculture Department’s material is being sorted and arranged by Arthur Tideman and Trevor Roberts, including any material held in private hands that is suitable for incorporation in the collection.

The glass plate negative collection held by the History Trust of SA includes many interesting and rarely seen photographs of relevance to the history of agriculture.

National Library of Australia; La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria; various government and private archives; RA&HS library etc. – not searched, but many are a rich archive of relevant photos.

McDougall, K., Winery Buildings in South Australia 1836 to 1936. Part 2: The Southern Districts, Working Paper 7, Architecture Papers, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, The University of Adelaide, May 1983. ISBN 0 86396 027 8. [Reproduces archival photographs and photographs taken at the time of the study, and outlines the background conditions and early histories of 26 wineries.]


A range of historical and contemporary maps will be an essential component of any published work. The State Library of South Australia, the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia, the Geography Department at the University of Adelaide, and PIRSA’s library will be important for their collections of relevant maps (both broad-scale and for specific detail). Good quality mapping for publication can be prepared through PIRSA’s Publications Services.

Some further options for research

Records of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute have not been identified for this bibliography. The work of Prof. James Prescott on viticulture and soils, for example, may be one instance for generating material. (His son, Professor John Prescott, formerly of the Physics Department at Adelaide University, might be a possible contact for an interview.)

Many records (1908–1943) of Dr J.J.C. Bradfield (1867–1943) of the Public Works Department of NSW, a strong advocate of a scheme to provide an Australian inland lake through river diversion, are in the National Library of Australia (NLA MS 4712). The level of South Australian content has not been researched for this bibliography.

Catalogues for the State Libraries of, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia were not researched in any great detail for either manuscript or printed material for this bibliography.

AGRICultural OnLine Access (AGRICOLA) is a bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library and its co-operators. Production of these records in electronic form began in 1970. Citations and abstracts only are provided. The Journals Indexed in AGRICOLA database is updated quarterly. This will be a useful guide, at least for identifying immediate past and current trends.

Publications of the Council for Australian Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIR to May 1949; thereafter CSIRO) have not been searched, but CSIRO publication lists are extensive. For example, CSIRO Research for Australia: Agriculture, CSIRO Research for Australia: 16, CSIRO, Canberra, 1987.

The worth of searching for publications of the Agriculture & Horticulture Training Council of South Australia is unknown.

The Society for Engineering in Agriculture, Australia (for example, History of Mittze Bros., South Australia, prepared by John Fielke, Roseworthy) might have valuable findings in its records.

RIRDC (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation). Research Reports. Full text reports are available online through <http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/rerc>, the Rural E-Reference Centre homepage. [Not accessed].

Additional material to be added to the listings above

Rankine, B.C. (Bryce Crossley), Evolution of the modern Australian wine industry: a personal appraisal. Adelaide, Ryan Publications, 1996.

Examples of Parliamentary papers and inquiries

SAPP 58: 1871  Royal Commission on Manufactures of Metals. Agricultural Machinery and Implements (customs and excise tariffs minutes of evidence)

SAPP 24: 1902  Public Service Classification Board

SAPP 5: 1921–39          Public Service Commissioner Report

SAPP 55, 56: 1922        Royal Commission on the Public Service of South Australia

SAPP 45: 1954  Efficiency of the Public Service

SAPP 17: 1964  Public Service Commissioner Report

SAPP 17: 1980  Public Service Board Annual Report

SAPP   Reports of the Minister of Agriculture (and successors) including Roseworthy Agricultural College annual reports

SAPP: annually from 1946         Parliamentary Committee on Land Settlement reports

Journal of Historical Geography

Environmental Management

Forest Conservation History (formerly Journal of Forest History)

ARMCANZ, Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand – Record and Resolutions, First meeting, Alice Springs, 29 July 1993. Department of Primary Industries and Energy: Canberra, 1993.

CBD, Convention of Biological Diversity – Convention Text, www.biodiv.org/convention/articles.asp, 1993.

CoAG, Intergovernmental Agreement on a National Water Agreement. www.coag.gov.au/meetings/250604/iga_national_water_initiative.pdf, 2004.

Cottingham, I., Handbook to the Australian Agricultural Council, 3rd edn, Department of Primary Industry, Canberra, 1985.

CRC Directory, Cooperative Research Centres Programme CRC Directory 2004. Department of Education and Science: Canberra, 2004.

DEST, National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia’s Biological Diversity. Department of Environment, Sport and Territories: Canberra, 1996.

ESD Steering Committee, Draft National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development. AGPS, Canberra, 1992.

PIMC, Record and Resolutions of the Primary Industries Ministerial Council, First Meeting, 2 May 2002. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Canberra, 2002.

PIRSA–SARDI, 50 years of fruit fly eradication in South Australia 1947–1997

Productivity Commission, Trade & Assistance Review 2002–03: Annual Report Series. Productivity Commission, Canberra, 2003.

State of Environment Advisory Council, Australian State of Environment 1996. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, 1996.

Agriculture Department annual reports in SA libraries
Report of the Minister of Agriculture, Adelaide: Government Printer, 1895–1904
Journal Dates: 1894–95–1903–04.
Later Title: South Australia. Department of Agriculture. Report of the Department of Agriculture.
Former Title: Agricultural Bureau of South Australia. Annual report of the Agricultural Bureau
Held at: State Library of South Australia held 1894/5–1895/6; 1899/1900–1900/1
Roseworthy Campus Library 1012667 630.9942 S726AN.4 1894/95–1903/04
Waite Library 1012667 63(06) S72r
Annual report, Department of Agriculture South Australia. Department of Agriculture [Adelaide], 1987–1992
Notes: Merged with: South Australia. Department of Fisheries. Annual report; and South Australia. Woods and Forests Department Annual report to form Primary Industries South Australia. Annual report.
Numbering Note: Report year ends June 30.
Later Title: Primary Industries South Australia. Annual report
South Australia. Department of Fisheries. Annual report
South Australia. Woods and Forests Department. Annual report
Former Title: South Australia. Department of Agriculture. Report of the Minister of Agriculture; South Australia. Department of Agriculture. Annual report of the Department of Agriculture for the year ended …
Held at: Flinders University. 567291 630.5 S72a Central Library (1990/91–1991/92)
State Library of South Australia 1986/87; 1989/90–1991/92
Roseworthy Campus Library 630.9942 S726AN.9 1986/87–1991/92
Waite Library 63(06) S72a 1986/87–1991/92
University of SA Per 630.99423 S726 1991/92 only; Per 063.549423 A278 1987–                  1991/92 Impf.

National Library of Australia

Wanbi Agricultural Centre, South Australia Department of Agriculture, Wanbi Agricultural Centre Field Day, 5th October, 1988. [Adelaide], Department of Agriculture, South Australia, 1988.

Wanbi Agricultural Centre, South Australia Department of Agriculture, Wanbi Agricultural Centre field day, Tuesday, 1st October, 1991. [Adelaide], Department of Agriculture, South Australia, 1991.

Pocock, D.R. (compiler and editor), Wanbi Agricultural Centre field day, Wednesday, 20th September, 1989. [Adelaide], Department of Agriculture, South Australia, [1989].

South Australia Department of Agriculture, Wanbi Research Centre Field Day 1966. [Adelaide], Department of Agriculture, South Australia, 1966.

McCord, A.K., Fawcett, R.G. & Wood, R.M., A report to the Rural Credit Development Fund: Wanbi trash farming experiment, 1980–1983. [Adelaide], South Australian Department of Agriculture, [1984]. South Australia Department of Agriculture & Murray Lands Region Rural Credits Development Fund (SA).

Wanbi Research Centre (SA), Annual report: Wanbi Research Centre. [Wanbi, SA, The Centre, 1971–].

A work-in-progress bibliography on South Australian agriculture and its history: last updated 30 July 2007

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