Atlas of South Australia

Numerous maps of South Australia are available but the link to the Atlas of South Australia provides a detailed picture of South Australia today.

Atlas of South Australia

Historically many maps have been produced for numerous reasons for the Department of agriculture and for South Australian agriculture.

Commonwealth Statistics Map

The Commonwealth Statistics Map (JPG 61.9 KB) provides a picture of the common statistical boundaries used in compiling agricultural statistics over many years. It breaks the State into six zones based on the original surveyed Counties plus an area in the north of the State that was not broken into Counties. These Counties are further divided into Hundreds and Sections as the basis for land subdivision.

Statistics were compiled from hundreds and then amalgamated into Counties and then Statistical Divisions and ultimately Statewide Statistics.

Prior to Federation each State published extensive statistical information. After Federation the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) produced publications on individual sectors and a comprehensive publication of State agricultural production statistics. Today these have been contracted into national ABS publications.

Land Utilization Zones

The Land Utilization Zones map (JPG 1.5 MB), produced by the Department of Lands, outlines the Principal Land Use Zones of South Australia. Published June 1962.

Subdivision of Nalang Estate

The subdivision of Nalang Estate poster (JPG 1.4 MB) publicises the sale of rural blocks following the subdivision of Nalang Estate on the outskirts of Mundulla, in 1911. It reflects a period of closer settlement at the time.

Land subdivision at Lowan Vale

In 1910 a parcel of Crown Lands in the Hundreds of Paech and Pendleton was open to application. The parcel is to the north of the road between Keith and Bordertown and was part of the Governments agricultural development policy. Land subdivision at Lowan Vale (JPG 644.1 KB)

North Booborowie Estate

The North Booborowie Estate (JPG 1.1 MB) was subdivided for closer settlement in 1911. The objective was to create smaller land holdings for intensive production. Part of this subdivision was the provision of two blocks of land for the establishment of the Booboorowie Experimental Farm.

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