Other historically important documents

There are a number of books and publications that have historical importance which have been scanned and made accessible below.

These are historical documents therefore they are only supplied in PDF format. If you require a text version please email us at PIRSA.Digital@sa.gov.au.

Department of Agriculture (1984)

Department of Agriculture Committees Directory

Produced in 1984, this publication lists the range of committees, the terms of reference, and membership of all national or state committees that the Department was involved with.

Directory of Committees: Department of Agriculture 1984 (PDF 1.4 MB)

Guerin, Caroline (1988)

History of the Agricultural Bureau of SA

This substantial review of the Bureau movement was produced for the Centenary of the Bureau in 1988. The document has been divided into sections due to the size of the publication.

Love, John (1987)

A History of the Department of Agriculture

This is one of the first attempts to capture the history of agriculture in SA and the role played by the Department of Agriculture in key areas. Information has been extracted from this document to other articles in this website.

Determined to Improve the Land: A History of the Department of Agriculture (PDF 329.1 KB)

Newland, NP (1971)

Vermin Control in South Australia

Prepared while part of the Vermin control Branch of the Department of Lands, this document provides a historical account of efforts to control animals defined as vermin. It provides a summary of legislation passed by the SA Parliament between 1852 and 1946.

Vermin Control in South Australia (PDF 375.2 KB)

Pearson, Frank B

History of Yorke Peninsula

This article covers the development of Yorke Peninsula from the period of pre settlement of the state until the early 1900s. It describes the districts and leading farmers of Yorke Peninsula, along with the difficulties they experienced and their successes, particular the innovations developed to make agriculture profitable and sustainable. After settlement, Yorke Peninsula was primarily a pastoral region. In the latter half of the 1800s it transitioned to cropping, integrated with animal production.

Frank Pearson was appointed to the Department immediately after World War 1, moved through positions of District Agricultural Advisor to Chief Agronomist, before retiring in mid 1960s. The article is likely to have been written early in Frank's career with the Department.

History of Yorke Peninsula - special reference to Kadina District early days (PDF 912.7 KB)

Seedco: Seeds of Success. A 25 Year History (1988)

This document records the history and success of the SA Seedgrowers Cooperative for the 25 year period from its establishment in 1964.

The history describes how a cooperative of seed growers established a company to develop both the domestic and export opportunities for seed of crop and pasture species into a globally successful business.

Thanks to the family of the late Pat Farnan (Manager from its formation until 1988) for permission to reporduce this report.

SEEDCO: Seeds of Success. A 25 year history (PDF 10.3 MB)

Smith, Clarence H (around 1940)

Farm and Station Implements Manufactured by Clarence H Smith

The Clarence H Smith Implement Works were based at Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsular, and manufactured a wide range of cultivation equipment. The document on farm and station equipment is in the form of a prospectus. Smith is best known as the inventor of the stump-jump plough.

Farm and Station Implements Manufactured by Clarence H. Smith (PDF 3.5 MB)

Summers, WL (1908)

Notes on Agriculture in SA

This document is the brochure prepared for general information and presentation at the Franco-British Exhibition.  It provides a general view of conditions and proposals in South Australian agriculture in 1908. It gives a fair indication that agriculture was flourishing and, for example, lists export values for wheat at £2,152,842.

Notes on Agriculture in South Australia (PDF 9.5 MB)

Winterbottom, DC (1922)

Weevil in wheat and storage of grain in bags

This report to the South Australian Wheat Harvest Board and the Victorian Wheat Commission records the Australian experience in managing the storage of grain during the war period – 1915 to 1919. Graphic evidence is shown of the damage done by mice to large bagged grain across the states.

Weevil in wheat and storage of grain in bags (PDF 10.7 MB)

Yelland, Leith (2012)

Holding the Line: A history of the South Australian Dog Fence Board, 1947–2012

"Holding the Line" describes the history of the Dog Fence Board and was commissioned to mark the centenary of the Federation of South Australia. This history records the impact of dingos on the State's sheep industry and the measures undertaken by pastoralists and government to mitigate these impacts.

Legislation to assist in the control of dingos and wild dogs was passed in 1894 and the Dog Fence Board established in 1947 following proclamation of the Dog Fence Act in 1946.

Holding the Line: A history of the South Australian Dog Fence Board, 1947–2012 (PDF 2.4 MB)

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