Plant Industry Division reports

Published 1981–1984

After merger of the Agronomy Branch and Horticulture Branch to form Plant Industry Division, this group published its annual reports, workshop proceedings and industry studies in the Plant Industry Division. This numbered report series was published between 1981 and 1984.

Number Plant Industry Division Report YearAuthor/s
1 Economic importance of diseases of wheat in South Australia Apr 1981 A.H. Mayfield
2 Plant Industry Annual Report 1979–80 Jun 1981 A.F. Tideman, M.R. Krause, W.B. Harris
3 Plant Industry Annual Report 1980–81 Sep 1981 A.F. Tideman, M.R. Krause, W.B. Harris
4 Agronomy workshop Sep 1981 Various
5 Integrated control of mites on seed lucerne Sep 1981 P.T. Bailey P.E. Madge
6 Tetrazolium workshop, Brisbane, Sep 13–16 1981 Nov 1981 H. Lawrie
7 Crop agronomy trial results 1980–81 Dec 1981 Various
8 Horticultural Plant Improvement Programme progress report Feb 1982 R.J. van Velsen
9 The progress towards commercialization of the Guayule plant (Parthenium argentatum) as a source of rubber in the United States of America – implications for South Australia Apr 1982 A.F. Tideman
10 Herbs and spices – report on the workshop March 1982 May 1982 D.C. Ragless
11 Resistance screening and crop loss assessment of cereal diseases in Western Australia Jan 1983 A.H. Mayfield
12 Baiting experiments to control wingless grasshopper in Western Australia Jan 1983 P.T. Bailey
13 Cereal disease resistance screening and crop loss assessment in New South Wales Feb 1983 J.A. Davidson
14 Plant Industry Annual Report 1981–82 Apr 1983 A.F. Tideman, M.R. Krause, W.B. Harris
15 The bacteriology of cornebacterium as a component of annual rye grass toxicity Oct 1983 I.T. Riley
16 Plant Industry Annual Report 1982–83 May 1984 G.D. Webber, M.R. Krause, R.J. van Velsen

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