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This section lists industry people who have made a significant contribution to the achievements and success of agriculture in South Australia and Australia. Where information is available from a readily available source a link is provided to access the information.


Andrewartha, Herbert George (Andy) 1907 - 1992

Entomologist and ecologist who had a significant role in research with plague locust and apple thrips along with a leadership role at the University of Adelaide.

Image: Australian Academy of Science

Angas, John Howard 1823 - 1904

Pastoralist, politician and philanthropist who was a significant developer of pastoral properties and accomplished livestock breeder.

Image: SLSA Image B5559 1890

Angas, Sir John Keith 1900 - 1977

Active as a director on the boards of many companies associated with agriculture in South Australia, but did not play a direct or major role in developing SA's agricultural industries.

Image: The Advertiser, Thursday 5 June 1952 p 3

Angus, William 1871 - 1965

Director of the South Australia Department of Agriculture from 1904 to 1910.


Auld, William George 1868 - 1926

Wine and spirits merchant who established Auldana Wines. Was a President of the SA Vine Growers Association for a number of years, a key advocate for introduction of the Phylloxera Act, and was the initial secretary of the Phylloxera Board.

Image: The Register, Monday 7 January 1924, p 6


Bagot, George Wallwall 1858 - 1919

Successfully grew the large family stock and station business developed by his father (Edward Meade Bagot).

Image: SLSA Image B57355 1910

Bagot, Edward Meade (Ned) 1822 - 1886

Stock agent, pastoralist, tallow manufacturer, mining investor and entrepreneur, and contractor for construction of a section of the Overland Telegraph.

Image: SLSA Image B6126 1884

Bagshaw, John Stokes 1808 - 1888

Initially a millwright, he developed an agricultural machinery business building ploughs, harvesting, winnowing, drilling and pumping equipment. He built the first grain stripper with John Ridley. The family business was merged with JH Horwood in 1924 to form Horwood Bagshaw.

Image: SLSA Image B6987 1885

Bailey, Robert 1842 - 1918

Large pastoralist in Belalie North district.

Image: Cyclopedia of South Australia

Baker, John 1813 - 1872

Pastoralist and parliamentarian. An early grazier, miner, livestock trader and entrepreneur. John Baker founded the Chamber of Commerce and was its first Chairman. He was also SA's second Premier, and was heavily involved with the Agricultural and Horticultural Society, and participated in selecting the site for Adelaide's Botanic Gardens.

Image: SLSA Image B11286-1-10 1885

Blesing, Albert Percy 1879 - 1949

Farmer and politician. From a farming background, Albert Blesing had a long political career. He was the SA Minister of Agriculture from 1933 to 1944, and in his role as Minister for Afforestation (1938-44), promoted extensive planting of Pinus radiata forests in the South East of SA.

Image: SLSA Image B6323 1933

Brooks, George 1849 - 1926

Pastoralist. Born at Gumeracha, he started by buying hay, chaffing it, and carting it to Kadina, Wallaroo, and Moonta. He started buying properties in the mid north and Yorke Peninsula then secured a property every few years, including Buckland Park estate and Clifton Hills and Kanowana stations, until he became one of the largest landowners in the State.

Image: Pastoral Review, 16 November 1926

Bruce, Robert 1836 - 1908

Pastoralist and writer. Robert Bruce arrived in South Australia in 1853 and was appointed overseer at Arkaba station and then took up Wallelberdina, adjoining the eastern shore of Lake Torrens and then Coondambo station. Bruce was innovative with developing the most efficient procedures for pasturing sheep and cattle and the least harmful methods of exploiting the countryside. He enclosed Coondambo with a vermin-proof fence, one of the first in South Australia's north-west.

Image: La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria, H4110

Bull, John Wrathall 1804 - 1886

Agent, farmer and author. An early land and stock agent, he owned and managed a range of farming properties. Bull was also a developer early grain harvesters in competition with Ridley, and also had an active career in the volunteer militia.

Image: SLSA Image B984 1880

Buring, Adolph Wilhelm Rudolph (Rudi) 1872 - 1950

Vigneron who helped develop the Queltaler label and was instrumental in the production, sale and national distribution of its wines.

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