Parafield Research Centre

Parafield Poultry Station

Errol Polden

Parafield Poultry Station was established in 1911 on Section 2235, Hundred of Yatala being land which had previously been designated for use as the Parafield Cemetery. Original buildings, some of which were still in use when the Station was closed in 1995, were designed and built as a mortuary and railway siding.

For about 50 years the station was active in carrying out experimental work for the benefit of the poultry industry. Trials related to housing needs feed requirements breed peculiarities, egg laying ability, breeding principles, incubation practice, egg quality factors and health maintenance were conducted.

Results of these trials were published and distributed to the many industry participants such as breeders, hatchery proprietors, egg producers, poultry meat producers and egg grading specialists.

During those years future poultry advisory officers were trained at the station.

From about 1960, in order to maintain a high standard of practice, the station became a centre for poultry research on a higher plane than had been attempted previously, and many improvements were initiated. New buildings were erected, modern equipment installed and highly trained staff employed to conduct more sophisticated and detailed research.

At that time the station became known as the Parafield Poultry Research Centre and continued as the primary source of research related to the poultry industry until its closure in December, 1995.

Since its closure, South Australian poultry research has been conducted at the Roseworthy campus of the Adelaide University.

History of Poultry by Rod Woolford

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