By WG (Bill) Giles

Originally a pastoral property, Kybybolite Research Farm was established in 1905 and included an orchard with 1500 trees including apples, stone fruits, vines and berries. A Poultry Demonstration Station was established in 1908, pigs were later introduced and dairy and beef herds plus sheep flocks. Kybybolite had a successful Ayrshire herd for thirty years from 1920. However Kybybolite is best known for its experimental work in the areas of pastures and fertilizer (topdressing) application. This led to hay making and ensilage demonstrations on the property and much sheep production experimental work.

The history website has a number of references to Kybybolite Research Centre as it has been a key agricultural centre since 1905 and these can be found by searching the site but the main historical papers are:

A key reference on the area is a book by Judy Murdoch, An Agricultural Awakening (March 2005; ISBN 1 876688 54 8), this gives a well researched and detailed account of agriculture in the district and the influence of the Research Centre on the local area.

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