Growth State - Food, Wine and Agribusiness

Growth State: our plan for prosperity is the State Government’s work plan to promote industry growth by responding to industry needs and leveraging South Australia’s competitive advantages.

Key sectors with strong growth prospects have been identified as part of Growth State, which includes the food, wine and agribusiness sector.

Food, Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper

Food and agribusiness is one of a nine target sectors identified in Growth State. It is central to South Australia’s identity and will continue to drive our future economic prosperity.

PIRSA has worked with peak industry bodies: Primary Producers SA, Food South Australia and the South Australian Wine Industry Association to develop a Food, Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper. This paper sets the scene on the sector as a whole and its contribution to the South Australian economy.

It covers food and beverage, field crops, meat and livestock, wine, seafood, horticulture and forestry sectors and the current growth statistics and measures for each industry.

View the Growth State Food Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper (PDF 2.7 MB).

Sector Plan

Feedback that was received during a public consultation is being used to inform the development of an industry-owned sector plan for food, wine and agribusiness. It is expected a final plan will be released in early 2020.

To find out more about how sustainable growth, prosperity and optimism across our State will be achieved, visit the Growth State website.



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