Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Better decisions are made when the voices of the community and stakeholders are heard in the issues that are relevant to them.

It is important they be:

  • aware of relevant issues and engagement opportunities
  • given genuine influence in decisions that affect them.

Engagement that sees government, community and stakeholders working together results in better:

  • outcomes
  • decisions
  • policies
  • programs
  • use of resources.

Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) engages the community and our stakeholders, including industry, councils and regional development associations, by:

  • interacting with people through our network of regional coordinators  and industry account managers, holding meetings and industry forums, presenting at community information sessions and attending field days
  • creating awareness of issues and engagement opportunities through the media, publications and our digital communications
  • informing, consulting, involving, collaborating with and/or empowering the community and stakeholders regarding decisions about matters that may affect them, such as new policies and plans
  • inviting the community and stakeholders to take part in relevant programs, projects and activities, or seek funding through grants.

Our approach incorporates principles of the:

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Page Last Reviewed: 16 Feb 2015
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