Corporate policies

Administrative release of information policy

In line with Government commitments, we aim to make more government information accessible at minimal or no cost to the public. This policy identifies the type of SA Government information most suited for administrative release by PIRSA, and seeks to ensure consistency is maintained in the processing and approval of administrative release of information requests, on a case-by-case basis.

See how to apply for information through administrative release.

Cost recovery policy

This policy establishes principles that enable us to make consistent decisions on the appropriate recovery of the costs of our goods and services.

Customer service policy and charter

We take feedback on board and use it to improve our performance. This customer-centric policy also provides the framework for our customer service charter.

If you have feedback for us, please let us know.

Fraud and corruption policy

We have zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. This policy and associated plan introduces the framework we use to prevent, detect, report and respond to fraud, corruption and other criminal conduct, misconduct and maladministration in accordance with the South Australian Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Control Policy.

Information privacy policy

We respect the privacy of personal information. This policy describes our requirements for:

  • managing the collection, storage, security, access, correction, use, sharing and disclosure of personal information in line with the SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular PC012 - Information Privacy Principles Instruction and public sector data sharing legislative requirements
  • assessing, investigating, reporting and managing any information privacy data breaches, including tax file number information, in accordance with our data breach response and notification legislative obligations.

Information Privacy Policy (DOCX 495.2 KB)

Procurement policy

We have several internal policies, procedures and guidelines to help authorised staff with procurement processes.

We work within the following guidelines. Purchases:

  • up to $33,000 need a verbal quote
  • between $33,000 and $220,000 (GST incl.) need at least 3 written quotes
  • between $220,000 and $550,000 (GST incl.) need at least 5 written quotes
  • over $550,000 (GST incl.) need offers from the open or public market (where appropriate). These offers include:
    • invitation to supply
    • expression of interest.

We use the SA Tenders and Contracts website for all open market approaches.

Public Disclosure (Whisteblowers)

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act) commenced on 1 July 2019, replacing the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993.

The new laws strengthen transparency and accountability in government by establishing a scheme that encourages and facilitates the appropriate disclosure of public interest information to certain persons or authorities. It provides protections for some persons who make an appropriate disclosure of public interest information in accordance with the PID Act and sets out processes for dealing with such disclosures.

Risk management policy

The risk management policy, procedure and the framework assist management and staff in implementing good risk management practices, and encourage decisions made on good information rather than existing practice or anecdotal evidence.

Volunteers policy

This policy provides a framework for engaging PIRSA volunteers, and guidance on the establishment of PIRSA volunteer programs and participation of volunteers in related activities.

Work health and safety and injury management policy

Our duty of care includes our people, contractors, volunteers and visitors. We aim to provide safe and healthy working environments.

We are family friendly and provide equal opportunity

See our family friendly and equal opportunity policies.

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