2017 SARDI Waite seminar series

Where: Auditorium, Plant Research Centre.
When: 11 am - 12 noon (Thursday unless otherwise indicated).

Open invitation to all staff and students.
10.45 am morning tea (tea and coffee supplied).


Presentation title and speaker


16 March

Breakfast anyone - pulses, wheat and oats?

  • Marker development for herbicide tolerance traits in pulses - Simon Michelmore (15 min)
  • Developing salt tolerant bread wheat for southern Australia - Yusuf Genc (15 min)
  • Fine mapping of cereal cyst nematode in Oat - John Harris (15 min)
  • Late Maturity Alpha amylase (LMA) in wheat - Judy Cheong (15 min)

Tim Sutton

28 March (Tuesday)

Black spot of table grapes: etiological and epidemiological studies in Brazil and Australia.

  • Ricardo Feliciano dos Santos (visiting PhD student)

Mark Sosnowski

Change of date - TBC

Food Tech Case Study - mystery divulged!

  • TBA
  • Nathan Freeman (10 min)
  • Andrew Maronich (10 min)
  • TBA


20 April

We can Predict!

  • Use smartphone to measure water stress level in grapevine - Mickey Wang (15 min)
  • Fungal nematode interactions and human parasitic nematodes - Tara Garrard (15 min)
  • Predicta Pt and Vegetable DNA - Mike Rettke (15 min)

Daniele Giblot-Ducray

15 June

Regional Agronomists - who are they for SARDI/GRDC?

  • Improving integrated disease management in cereals and canola - Lower EP - Blake Gontar (10 min)
  • The magnitude of impact of annual pasture legumes in integrated farming system rotations in the MRZ of SA - South East- Amanda Pearce (10 min)
  • Weed management challenges and opportunities for high break crop intensity farming systems in SA - Mid North/ Yorke Peninsula - Navneet Aggarwal (10 min)
  • Improving profit and reducing risk by managing nitrogen in wheat and extreme temperatures in pulses - Waite Bilateral - Mariano Cossani (10 min)

Kenton Porker

20 July

Regional Agronomists and white grain an interesting mix.

  • Improving Mallee farming systems with a focus on soil improvements - Brian Dzoma (10 min)
  • Measuring co-limitation of water and nitrogen to improve wheat and canola profitability – Fabio Arsego (10 min)
  • An interesting journey – understanding white grain disorder in wheat - Marg Evans and Melissa McCallum (30 min)

Andrew Ware

17 August

Diagnostics and other project applications.

  • SARDI Molecular Diagnostic Centre- Where to from here? - Daniele Giblot-Ducray (20 min)
  • Wherefore art thou, E. coli ? and process monitoring in the meat industry - is there a better way? - Jessica Tan (15 min)
  • FRNA bacteriophages for risk management of Australian oysters - Kate Hodgson (15 min)

Alison Turnbull

21 September

Snails, moths and sterility!

  • What do snugs get up to when they don’t know we are watching? - Helen Brodie (15 min)
  • The secret life of Plutella australiana, a cryptic ally of the world’s most damaging Brassica pest - Kym Perry (15 min)
  • Manipulating Queensland fruit fly pupa colour - Rene Hurni (15 min)

Maarten van Helden

19 October

Applying models to agricultural management.

  • Intestinal permeability: impacts on health and productivity- Soressa Kitessa (15 min)
  • Modelling phenology of almonds and grapes - Dane Thomas (15 min)
  • Evaluating water and salinity risks to irrigated viticulture - Vinod Phogat (15 min)

Jim Cox

16 November

Focus on Viticulture

  • Managing the impacts of climate change rainfall decline on vine balance, grape and wine composition and root growth - Marcos Bonada (15 min)
  • What is the current status of fungicide resistance in Australian viticulture - Suzanne McKay (15 min)
  • Angular leaf scorch of grapevine: biosecurity implications - Matt Ayres (15 min)

Rohan Kimber

7 December

Aphids and fruit fly - revised and rejuvenated?

  • Russian interference in Australia - Maarten Van Helden (15 min)
  • New Fruit fly diagnostic methods - Lakshmi Nacey (15 min)
  • Hunt for the Tsl Mutant Fruit Fly - Isabel Chen (15 min)

Kym Perry

Download the 2017 Waite seminar series program (PDF 343.3 KB).

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