PIRSA Animal Ethics Committee

You must apply to the Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) for ethics approval and clearance if you are:

  • conducting research, experimentation or teaching that involves animal interventions beyond routine animal husbandry procedures
  • a PIRSA employee intending to use animals for teaching, research or experimentation
  • collaborating with PIRSA on work that includes the use of animals (includes student projects)
  • holding animals on PIRSA premises.

If you are unsure whether you need to apply for ethics approval, please see our terms of reference and application guidelines.

Applying for ethics approval and clearance

To apply for approval and clearance:

  1. Read all the information on the Apply for animal ethics approval page, which includes application deadlines, PIRSA AEC meeting dates and fees.
  2. Download the approval and clearance application form from the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) website.
  3. Please include the following documents in your submission to the PIRSA AEC:
  4. Email your application to PIRSA.AnimalEthics@sa.gov.au. Applications submitted to the PIRSA AEC must provide sufficient information for the committee to make their decision.

Approved project reporting forms

Throughout the course of an approved project, there will be times where reporting to the AEC or requesting a minor change is required.

The following forms can be found on the Department for Environment and Water website (bottom of the page):

  • annual progress and final project reporting
  • minor amendment to approved project
  • adverse incident report

About the Committee

The role of the PIRSA AEC is to ensure that the use of animals for scientific purposes by PIRSA personnel or collaborators is:

See the '3Rs' - replacement, reduction and refinement factsheet on the DEW website.

See our terms of reference for more information about our committee’s roles and responsibilities.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the PIRSA AEC please contact us:

Executive Officer
PIRSA Animal Ethics Committee
JS Davies Building, Roseworthy Campus, SA 5371
Phone: (08) 8313 7665
Email: PIRSA.AnimalEthics@sa.gov.au
Fax: (08) 8313 7689

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