eSA-Marine system

The eSA-Marine system maps past 'hind-cast', present 'now-cast' and future 'forecast' ocean conditions in South Australia (SA). Conditions include:

  • sea surface height 'sea level'
  • sea temperatures
  • sea salinity
  • ocean currents
  • wind speeds and directions.

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This is a research and experimental product and no liability is assumed for the use of the eSA-Marine system or its products including now-casts and forecasts. In particular, this includes all conditions outlined in the general PIRSA disclaimer that can be accessed here or at the bottom of this page. Moreover, other sources of ocean now-cast/forecasts and or data may not align or be consistent with output from the eSA-Marine System which may be in error and/or out of date. Users should obtain their own independent advice. No liability is assumed for the eSA-Marine products presented here.

Benefits of the eSA-marine system

The system helps fisheries, aquaculture and users of SA's marine environment to:

  • predict the trajectories of harmful algal blooms/toxins to allow for mitigation
  • save vessel fuel through the prediction of environmental variables important to fishery habitat
  • predict marine heat waves and possible fish mass mortalities
  • predict ocean conditions to help with aquaculture and maritime maintenance
  • predict storm surges and flooding
  • help ship routing to save fuel
  • help with search and rescue effort
  • research into ocean circulation and marine ecosystems.

System approach and validation

eSA-Marine partners

The eSA-Marine system is a collaborative research venture between the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and the:

  • Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)
  • University of Adelaide
  • Australian Southern Bluefin Industry Association (ASBTIA).

Funding is provided by the:

  • Fisheries and Research Development Corporation
  • Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA)

This is the first phase of the eSA-Marine now-cast/forecast modelling.

The eSA-Marine team members are: John Middleton (SARDI); Charles James (SARDI); Paul Sandery (BoM); Kirsten Rough (ASBTIA); Trent Mattner (University of Adelaide); Shane Roberts (PIRSA); John Luick (SARDI).


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