Ulli Spranz

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Biodynamic Farmer, Mentor, Businesswoman

Ulli is co-founder, proprietor and managing director of B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty. Ltd., producers of award-winning premium biodynamic-organic dairy products.

She is an active board member, has won several accolades herself and has inspired farmers and growers across Australia.

Leading and managing a large, fast-growing company has also earned her much respect in the business world.

In Germany in the 1980s, my husband Helmut and I had a vision of running a totally environmentally friendly farm and biodynamic-organic dairy business, even though neither of us was from a farming background.

We had a complete career change – Helmut from office management and me from graphic design – and we set about learning the skills we needed to achieve our dream.

He gained an agricultural degree and I did several years of work experience, farming and cheesemaking in Germany and Switzerland.

We migrated to Australia in 1987 and a year later found 170 acres of land between the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula – and so our story began.

We started producing fresh milk for sale at the farm gate and the business grew and grew. Today we produce a diverse range of premium milks, yogurts, quarks, butter and handcrafted soft and hard cheeses, sold throughout Australia and overseas.

Dairy farming, manufacturing and processing is hard, hands-on work. It’s a lifelong commitment that requires dedication.

I believe everybody should have the opportunity to purchase the best quality, least processed, healthy products available.

My smartest move was migrating to Australia, determined to achieve our vision of developing a biodynamic-organic dairy farming enterprise. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve achieved everything we set out to do – and more.

My family and my business are my life. If my family are healthy and happy and my business is running smoothly, what else could I ask for?

I’ve learned to never give up – even when I’ve wanted to run for the hills! Never lose sight of your vision, stick to your principles, and be honest and open-minded.

Quote : "There is a fantastic and rewarding future for agribusiness and food manufacturing in South Australia, providing we value and support our farmers for their hard work and support manufacturing so that we can produce the highest standard, best quality food."


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