Penny Schulz

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Farmer, Ag Consultant, Teacher

Penny is co-owner and manager of Schulz Livestock, a sheep and beef farming operation in the Upper South East.

She consults to the dairy, beef and sheep industries, and teaches in agricultural consulting at the University of New England.

She’s a board member of Livestock SA and a director of the Australian Beef Industry Foundation. Her work and service have earned her two major rural awards.

I studied at Urrbrae Agricultural High School and have a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Adelaide. I also have a Master of Science in Agriculture and a Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (agricultural consulting) from the University of New England.

I wasn’t born into farming, although my grandparents were on the land and I spent my childhood in Whyalla. When we moved to the city I went to Urrbrae Agricultural High School, loved it, became passionate about agriculture and knew it’s where I belonged.

Post-university I worked as a pasture agronomist, a senior dairy extension officer, a relief milker and when I married I worked on our own farm.

All the work I do now is a natural extension of my education and experience.

My parents moved to Adelaide for better employment opportunities and education options for us children. Funnily enough, I chose to go into agriculture and live in the country because of the opportunities!

I enjoy what I do because not one day is the same and often your time is flexible. Things are always changing, which keeps you on your toes.

My smartest decision was to take up post-graduate study after years of working. It built my skill level, my contacts and networks and opened up doors for my career.

It sounds corny but I rate my success on that of others – or the success of things I run, deliver or organise. My motto of ‘anything is possible’ also needs to flow through to the people I work with.

My advice is education is key, but it can come in lots of forms. Put it into practice as soon as you can so you don’t forget what you’ve learned!

Quote: "The future of agriculture and food production is exciting, as I believe that in Australia we are the best at producing safe and high-quality beef and lamb. I’ll add dairy products to that list – and wine too!"


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