Lucy & Rebecca Willson

Marketer & winemaker

Bremerton Wines is in the safe hands of the Willson sisters, with Marketing Manager Lucy as custodian of the company brand and Winemaker Rebecca responsible for all things production.

The family business at Langhorne Creek has grown from a hobby to one of the best known brands in the region.

Lucy : When we were at school and living in Whyalla, moving to Langhorne Creek and being involved in the wine industry couldn’t have been further from our minds. It all changed in the 90s. Bec and I returned from overseas, Dad put the idea of growing the business to us. We agreed it was a great opportunity so we did it - and here we are today!

Rebecca : We both have a real understanding of each other’s areas and we share ideas. We are very lucky as dad was in a family business before and told us in clear terms the benefits and pitfalls. Our success is due to our openness with each other and our passion for what we do.

We have a great capacity to respond to what Mother Nature sends our way. The drought was a reminder of the fragile nature of vineyards and the importance of sustainable practices.

Lucy : The most important thing with marketing is you have to be genuine. For me it is not hard to market our brand. We stick to our guns and concentrate on what we know we do well. We are firm believers in not chasing trends.

Rebecca : My smartest decision was to study oenology as a mature-aged student. I was already making wine but this gave me the additional science-based knowledge to remain confident in my more artistic winemaking decisions!

Lucy : One thing I’ve learned is don’t expect anything to be handed to you – work hard and you will enjoy the rewards a whole lot more.

Both : Our best advice to women is you really choose how much 'being a woman' will affect your career/life. The only real challenge it has thrown to us has been the ability to be the mothers we want to be and run a business we want to run. It's a juggling act. You know what they say about it taking a village to raise a child. Well, that’s our philosophy within our extended family here at the winery.

Quote : "The tagline for Bremerton is 'It’s our Life!' – and it is."


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