Jane McBride

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Communications Professional

Jane is Communications Manager for Viterra and Glencore Grain – both significant agribusinesses in South Australia and nationally.

She liaises with employees, media, growers, government and industry – and handles publications, websites, branding, sponsorship, events…and more.

I studied Commerce at the University of Adelaide.

Determined to put my degree to good use, I moved to Canberra for a graduate position with Animal Health Australia. Four years in various communications and marketing roles gave me broad national experience across all livestock sectors as well as federal and state governments.

I spent a year in Melbourne with a public relations agency specialising in rural and regional affairs. Returning to Adelaide I joined PIRSA, again handling internal and external communications involving everything from horticulture and wine to animal health and biosecurity.

A turning point in my career was undertaking a leadership course at PIRSA. It helped define my ambitions and what I needed to do to achieve them.

Now, working for one of the world’s leading agricultural commodity businesses, the scale and diversity means I am constantly learning and being exposed to different opportunities and challenges.

I work with great people, within the business and within the industry, who are passionate about what they do.

I love working in agriculture. My family has been in the rural sector for many generations and it’s a dynamic, diverse and exciting industry to be part of.

I’ve taken risks – always calculated – pursuing roles, sometimes without traditional job security. These were interesting roles, offering opportunities to expand my networks, knowledge and experience, and they’ve led me to where I am now.

Quote: "Australia produces high-quality products that are consumed all around the world. With the projections for a substantial increase in global food demand, it is an industry that has a very exciting future."


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