Annmarie Mabarrack

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Geographical Information Systems Expert, Project and Program Management Leader

Annmarie is currently a Project Management Leader at the City of Marion using her background in spatial sciences, consulting and project management to implement and lead innovative project and program solutions, focused on achieving business improvement, performance and strategic outcomes.

Annmarie spent 13 years in PIRSA where she used her skills in GIS, consulting and project management to help guide land use planning, pest and biodiversity management, emergency management and host of other agricultural decisions.

More recently Annmarie was Program Manager at OZ Minerals where she was leading an Innovative Geospatial Program to support the global exploration team.

I started with a Certificate 4 in Horticulture and later gained diplomas in Natural Resource Management, Project Management and Leadership. I also completed a Degree in Geographical Information Systems at Flinders University, majoring in biological science.

After a year at university, I decided to explore the outdoors so deferred and gained an apprenticeship in horticulture, working in local government for seven years.

My interest in natural resource management evolved while working on environmental and open space planning projects, and I learned about the potential and power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) while investigating the distribution of animal and plant pests.

I moved to the South East to work with Rural Solutions SA (a division of PIRSA) and worked in a range of roles there, including Senior Spatial Consultant and Program Manager supporting the technical team at Rural Solutions SA and then into a management role where I lead the Project Management Office (PMO).

My work in GIS has given me the opportunity to see parts of the state not many people will ever see. I’ve mapped the distribution of feral camels in a light aircraft over the Simpson Desert, and worked with the traditional owners of the Great Victorian Desert.

My smartest moves were going back to school to finish Year 12 and going back to university to earn my degree.

Now I’m combining my operational experience, technical knowledge and people management skills in the one job.

I’ve learned that getting to know and understand people is important in any role and that if you respect and trust yourself, others will too.

Quote: "Technology provides so many opportunities for us to improve and protect agricultural production across all sectors."


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