Pastoral Board Communiqué – February 2020

First meeting for the new Board

The newly appointed Pastoral Board held its inaugural meeting over two days in December 2019.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Tim Whetstone, and Scott Ashby, Chief Executive of the Department for Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), attended the meeting to welcome the new Board.

The Minister and the Board discussed drought impacts, drought recovery and aspirations for enabling growth of the State’s pastoral industry. As part of this, the Board is keen to support the Minister in the review of the Pastoral Land Management & Conservation Act 1989 - and in doing so - to work closely with the pastoral industry.

At the December meeting, the Board also took part in governance training and discussed how best to work with PIRSA, which supports the Board’s operation. The Board was updated on various ongoing matters concerning the administration of the pastoral Act, and progress regarding its review.

Meet the new Board

The Pastoral Board meeting Minister Tim Whetstone

The Pastoral Board meeting Minister Tim Whetstone (From left to right: David Larkin, Minister Whetstone, Jenny Treloar, Bruce Nutt, Mark Fennell, Colin Greenfield, Jodie Gregg-Smith. Front left to right: Karina Sheehan, Sharon Oldfield, Tammy Partridge)

David Larkin AM, Presiding Member

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Hancock Agriculture, which nationally has more than 25 pastoral properties in its portfolio. He is a former Chairman of the Australia Meat Industry Council, and has been involved in the beef industry for most of his career.

Mark Fennell, Member

Mark was nominated by Livestock SA, and is from the family-owned Lambina Station in the State’s far north. Mark was previously a pastoralist in north-west Queensland. He was previously a member of the Pastoral Board and the Outback Communities Authority.

Colin Greenfield, Member

Colin was nominated by the Minister for Environment and Water, and is the lessee of Billa Kalina Station, north-west of Roxby Downs, Millers Creek lease adjoining Billa Kalina, and the Pernatty lease just north of Port Augusta. He is the former Chairman of Livestock SA Northern Branch.

Bruce Nutt, Member

Bruce is a nominee of Minister Whetstone, and resides on his lease - Pandurra, north-west of Port Augusta. Bruce is also the lessee of several other pastoral leases in the region.

Tammy Partridge, Member

Tammy was nominated by the Conservation Council of SA, and is the General Manager of the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) Certified Organic. NASAA provide certification services to the organic industry including pastoral leases in SA.

Jenny Treloar, Member

Jenny was nominated by Livestock SA, and is the lessee of Wadnaminga Station in the North East pastoral district. She previously represented South Australia on the National Livestock Best Practice Committee, and was an active deputy member of the Pastoral Board from 2016-2019.

The deputy members of the Board are:

  • Sharon Oldfield (Deputy to Mark Fennell), lessee of Cowarie Station.
  • Jodie Gregg-Smith (Deputy to Colin Greenfield), Regional NRM Manager - SA Arid Lands.
  • Karina Sheehan (Deputy to Bruce Nutt), lessee of Moolawatana Station.
  • Mark Anderson (Deputy to Tammy Partridge), company director.
  • Keith Slade (Deputy to Jenny Treloar), lessee of Moolooloo Station.

The deputy position to David Larkin is currently vacant.

Acknowledging previous Board members

The new Board would like to acknowledge the previous Board and particularly Geoff Mills, who served as Presiding Member from 2011 to 2019. Geoff’s dedication in serving the Board - combined with his broad pastoral experience - was immensely valuable to its operation over many years.

Pastoral lease rent and drought support

The pastoral Act specifies the Board must send out lease rent invoices annually. Lessees will have recently received their lease rent invoices for the period November 2018 to October 2019.

Extreme drought conditions can pose financial challenges and the Board encourages lessees to explore the drought support funding and rebate schemes on offer.

Given the eligibility for the lease rent rebate currently offered by the government may be difficult for many pastoralists, in the coming months the Board will be working with government to explore further options for drought support in the pastoral region.

Current drought support options

If you would like further information on the current drought support options available, call 1800 931 314 or visit:

Lease rent payment options and plans

For queries relating to options and plans for the payment of lease rent, contact the PIRSA Pastoral Unit on 8429 0375 or email:

Rental value queries

If you have a query regarding the rental value of your pastoral lease, please contact the Office of the Valuer-General on 1300 653 346 or email:

Planning the year ahead

The new Board is committed to a rigorous year ahead. While maintaining its administration of the current pastoral Act, a key priority is to be actively involved in its review.

With an intent to remain accessible and visible to the pastoral community, and connect at every opportunity with lessees, the Board will strive to be responsive to issues impacting pastoral lessees and collaborate with other industry partners.

A close working relationship with the Minister and PIRSA will also be a priority.

The Board would like to hear from you

One of the key functions of the Board is to advise the Minister on policies to and on other matters relevant to the pastoral industry.

The new Board would value your feedback to assist in developing policies and advice for the Minister. Please submit your thoughts and ideas regarding issues the Board should focus on via: Pastoral Unit (PIRSA) – (08) 8429 0333 or email:

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