Reviews and Consultation

Independent Review

An independent review of South Australia’s moratorium on the cultivation of Genetically Modified (GM) food crops was undertaken in late 2018 by Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC.

The review evaluated the benefits and costs of the GM Moratorium to the South Australian economy and agricultural industries, and provides a basis for better-informed policy decisions regarding GM food crops in South Australia.

The final report (PDF 2.3 MB) includes a background into the current regulatory environment, a summary of the issues raised in the 216 public submissions received as part of the review, and assesses the economic impacts of the moratorium.

Genetically Modified Crop Advisory Committee

The Genetically Modified (GM) Crop Advisory Committee is established under section 8 of the Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004 (the Act).

Section 5(8) of the Act prescribes that the Minister must consult with the Committee over any decision to change designated areas in South Australia where Genetically Modified (GM) Food Crops may be cultivated. In 2019 the GM Crop Advisory Committee provided advice (letter 1 (PDF 118.5 KB) & letter 2 (PDF 194.0 KB)) to the Minister on the Independent Review and the proposed regulations.

GM Crop Advisory Committee Membership

Hon Anne LevyPresiding Member
Dr Rachel AnkenyMember
Dr Geoffrey AnnisonMember
Ms Heather BaldockMember
Mr Peter GibbMember
Mr Andrew HannonMember
Dr Prue McMichaelMember
Dr Kathy Ophel KellerMember
Mr Neil  PontifexMember

Consultation on proposed changes to regulations

A statutory six-week consultation process was completed on proposed changes to regulations (PDF 40.9 KB) including public meetings on Kangaroo Island and in Adelaide held on 19 and 20 September 2019 respectively.

Submissions were accepted from 19 August 2019 to 30 September 2019 (a grace period was granted until 9am 1 October 2019).

These submissions have been published, along with correspondence to the Premier, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development and other members of Parliament on this topic where consent has been granted.

Genetically Modified Crops Management (Designated Area) Amendment Bill 2019

Regulations to lift the moratorium in SA (excluding Kangaroo Island) were made in October, but then disallowed by Parliament. Following the disallowance of these regulations, the Government introduced the Genetically Modified Crops Management (Designated Area) Amendment Bill 2019.

This Bill had the same effect as the regulations but addressed the wishes expressed by the Legislative Council that changes to the moratorium should be made through amendments to the Act not through regulations. In December 2019 the Bill was debated in Parliament but not passed by the Legislative Council.

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