Apply to become a no GM food crop area

Interested councils can apply to become a no GM food crop area.

Individuals are not eligible to apply but should contact their local council to have their views considered.

Applications will be assessed by the GM Crop Advisory Committee and referred to the Minister for consideration.

Councils declared as no GM food crop areas, will be published in the Government Gazette by 15 November 2020.

Before you apply

Before applying, councils must first consult with their community, including primary production and food processing or manufacturing businesses within their boundaries.

Councils should follow their stakeholder consultation processes to ensure due diligence.

An example of a consultation summary table (XLSX 17.4 KB) has been developed to help councils collate feedback.

How to apply

Council applications should:

  • relate to risks to marketing and trade only
  • not include matters of human health or environmental impacts, as these are managed under Commonwealth legislation
  • demonstrate that stakeholders in their area are currently receiving a marketing or trade advantage as a result of being no GM food crop area
  • show evidence of market and trade advantages, including any price premiums, that could not be achieved without being declared a no GM food crop area
  • include a summary of all views expressed during consultation (in favour or against declaration).

Council applications may also consider including:

  • information or data from commercial customers or businesses in the supply chain
  • any other relevant data that demonstrates the marketing or trade advantage provided to local businesses.

Send applications to:

Hon David Basham MP
Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development
Copy to:

Closing date for applications

Council applications must be submitted by 5pm on 30 September 2020.

This submission date has been set to ensure all applications have been processed by the cut-off date in the legislation (15 November 2020). Non-GM areas cannot be declared after this time.

Any declarations will be published in the Government Gazette. This will occur before 15 November 2020.

Revoking a no GM food crop area

If a council no longer wishes to be a no GM food crop area, they can apply to the Minister to have their status revoked.

Kangaroo Island is named in the Act as a no GM food crop area and therefore can only be revoked by changing the Act through Parliament.

Learn more in the amended legislation and PIRSA GM resources page.


Any questions or requests for more information may be sent to:

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