Crop and pasture reports

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) publishes a report on the condition of Crops and Pastures in South Australia every second month. The report provides the estimates of the area and the production for each crop and district during the cropping season. The report is assembled by our regionally based consultants. Visit Rural Solutions SA.

The estimates are quality checked from a number of sources. Occasionally adjustments are made. The table in the current report has the updated estimates which may vary slightly from tables in previous year's reports on this site.

Latest report

2020–21 Final Summary and Estimates (PDF 539.3 KB)

  • A good opening to the season and despite a dry early to midwinter and a hot early spring, the 2020-21 season overall was good for crops and pastures.
  • Rains and cooler conditions for the latter half of spring provided ideal crop flowering and grain fill conditions, except for frost damage reported in some districts.
  • The estimated 4.0 million hectares crop area is the largest since the 2013-14 season.
  • The final estimate of crop production for the 2020-21 season is 9.13 million tonnes, valued at $2.5 billion (farm gate) – the second highest farm gate value since the 2010-11 record of $2.7 billion.
  • Harvest was completed across the State by end of January with minimal weather or fire risk interruptions, except the lower SE where heavy rain in January delayed harvest completion to February.
  • Grain quality was reported to be average to above average across the State for all crops.
  • Pasture growth improved with the favourable spring conditions, but did not fully recover from earlier tough conditions.
  • Insufficient pasture feed, particularly in lower rainfall areas, meant livestock had to be moved onto crop stubbles as soon as harvest was completed for ample good quality feed.

Crop reporting districts map

Crop estimates for a season are provided commencing with the Seeding and Crop Establishment Report. Estimates are based on the districts defined in the following map.

2020–21 season reports

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2021 South Australian Sowing Guide (PDF 8.1 MB)

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