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Terms of Use

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Content displayed within the AgInsight application

AgInsight displays information from a large number of sources. The publishers wish to credit and attribute the following organisations from which information has been sourced:

SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions; SA Department for Environment and Water; SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; SA Department for Energy and Mining; SA Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment; SA Department for Industry and Skills; SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Vinehealth Australia; Dairy Authority of SA (Dairysafe); SA Water Corporation; SA Power Networks; ElectraNet Pty Ltd; Flinders Ports; Domain Group; Central Irrigation Trust; Barossa Irrigation Limited; Mount Barker Council; Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia; Wine Australia; Regional Development Australia; Meat and Livestock Australia; International Dairy Federation; OECD; Rabobank; UN Comtrade; UN Food and Agriculture Organisation; US Department of Agriculture; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Farm Service Agency; Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute; HERE; Garmin, DigitalGlobe; Earthstar Geographics; CNES/Airbus DS; GeoEye; US Geological Survey; US Department of Agriculture; Intermap; INCREMENT P; NRCan; METI; Esri; Esri Japan; Esri China (Hong Kong); Esri Korea; Esri (Thailand); AeroGRID; IGN; NGCC, OpenStreetMap contributors.

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