New water infrastructure for the Barossa

PIRSA is working with stakeholders to progress plans to deliver new water infrastructure to the Barossa to support sustainable agricultural production across the region.

The State Government will invest $800,000 to prepare for the expansion of irrigation infrastructure with private sector investment, that includes engaging producers across the region and ensuring economic benefits are maximised.

The proposed infrastructure aims to deliver reclaimed water from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant via existing and new infrastructure, to deliver long-term water security to the region.

The proposed infrastructure would provide:

  • secure, climate independent and new water infrastructure
  • support growth and productivity to the broader region for primary industries
  • help meet long term market demand.

Providing recycled water to the Barossa area was previously flagged as the second stage of the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund proposal which successfully secured funding to build the current Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme.

This process will be led by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), with further details to be released in due course.

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Page Last Reviewed: 24 Feb 2020
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