Industry Toolkit

South Australia's vibrant agribusiness sectors are rapidly expanding. Industry is embracing opportunities for growth that align with South Australia's global reputation as a producer of quality food and wine.

To support South Australia's food and wine sectors, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions has developed a comprehensive Industry Toolkit. The Toolkit has been created in response to industry feedback that consistent messages and resource aids are needed for marketing purposes.

Individual toolkits have been developed for each of the state's main sectors being:

  • wine
  • grains
  • horticulture
  • dairy
  • seafood
  • meat and livestock.

An additional toolkit has been produced for the food and wine sector as a whole, to assist food and wine businesses.

Using the resources in these toolkits, businesses can market their products and sector to local and international investors. The information in these resources will help businesses capitalise on South Australia's credentials as a producer of world class products.

Using the toolkit

The toolkit can be used to:

  • help market your products locally and internationally
  • provide ideas for business planning
  • train your staff
  • learn more about the competitive advantages of your sector
  • build a consistent message about South Australian food and wine.

In the toolkit

Each section of the toolkit contains information and resources including:

  • infographics with figures and statistics on major export markets, products and industry credentials
  • free professional images for you to use
  • key messages and fast facts
  • videos showcasing our state
  • reports on industry.

More resources

State Brand is a way to show that your organisation supports local, and encourages others to choose your business. The more people that use the State Brand, the faster we’ll draw recognition to South Australia, and position us on the global map.


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